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The Bonus Bonds brand has been a kiwi favourite since 1970, giving New Zealanders a unique way to save and have chances to win life-changing tax-free cash prizes.

Today nearly a quarter of New Zealanders hold Bonus Bonds and the Bonus Bonds Trust is New Zealand's largest retail unit trust.

Bonus Bonds was founded in 1970 and has operated in the form of a unit trust since 1990. When bondholders purchase Bonus Bonds, their money is collected together with the money from all other bondholders and held in trust. Called the Bonus Bonds Trust, the Trust is supervised by the Trustee Executors Limited, an independent corporate trustee.

Since 1970 (at August 2014) Bonus Bonds have paid out more than $62 Million prizes totalling more than $2.1 Billion.

A $1 MILLION grand prize is paid to one winning bondholder each month along with one prize of $100,000, one prize of $50,000 plus multiple prizes of $5,000, $500, $100, $50 and $20.

The mix of major prizes in a month may vary however the minimum number of major prizes will be as per the prize structure above.

Key facts

Bonus Bonds are units in the Bonus Bonds Trust and are not deposits or other liabilities of any member of ANZ, part of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (“ANZ”). In any month, the number of Bonus Bonds prizes and total payout are subject to change. The principal and returns of Bonus Bonds are not guaranteed and are subject to investment risk. ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Limited is the manager and promoter, and ANZ is the investment manager of, and a distributor of units in, the Bonus Bonds Trust.  Bonus Bonds investment portfolio is rated by Standard & Poor’s, with full details of the current fund credit rating available on and in the Bonus Bonds registered prospectus. A copy of the registered prospectus and a summary of Bonus Bonds terms and conditions are available on, or at any ANZ branch or PostShop.