Contactless payments. Good for your customers, good for your business.

Contactless payments

Good for your customers, good
for your business.

New Zealanders make millions of contactless payments — and the number is growing. If you’re not offering this option yet, your business could be missing out.

Fast, easy payments with the wave of a card

Contactless payments are a fast and easy way to pay. Your customers simply wave or tap their card on a contactless terminal for purchases up to $80, there’s no need for a PIN or a signature.

There’s no chance of multiple payments, even if your customer taps their card twice with the same transaction. And if they prefer, customers can still swipe or insert their debit or credit card and use their PIN.

Good for your customers

Kiwis love contactless payments because they’re fast and convenient. The card never even leaves their hand. More people are choosing contactless for everyday expenses, like their morning coffee fix or essential groceries.

Good for your business

Faster payments mean less queuing, so less chance your customers will give up and go elsewhere. Contactless payments also mean less cash handling and reconciliation for you.

Overall, more efficient payments can mean real bottom line benefits for your business.

Contactless lets you take advantage of other emerging technology

Setting up your business for contactless payments means you’ll be ready to make the most of other new payment options. Like ANZ goMoney Wallet, which lets customers pay for everyday items by simply tapping and paying with a compatible Android phone – just like they would a contactless card.

Monthly fee

To accept contactless payments on your terminal, there’s an ongoing monthly fee*. Call us on the number below to find out more.

ANZ goMoney Wallet

Kiwis love their mobile phones. Just like they love ANZ goMoney, New Zealand's favourite banking app - which includes goMoney Wallet, a contactless payment feature within ANZ goMoney.

Fast, easy payments by mobile

ANZ goMoney Wallet lets your customers make everyday purchases with their compatible Android mobile phone** - just like they would with a contactless card (they simply hold their phone over a contactless-enabled terminal). It’s a quick, secure and convenient way to pay. For purchases over $80, a PIN is entered at the terminal.

Your terminal will then issue a receipt, exactly as it does for other types of electronic transactions.

Fast, easy payments by mobile

How it works

ANZ goMoney Wallet is is linked to your customer’s existing ANZ Visa debit or personal Visa credit card.

You need a contactless terminal that's activated to accept contactless payments. If you don’t yet have a contactless-capable terminal, contact your terminal provider. To activate the terminal, call us on the number below.

ANZ goMoney Wallet doesn't need an internet connection, so you don’t have to provide wi-fi in your store. It uses Near Field Communication to securely transmit card data to the terminal.

ANZ goMoney Wallet payments are settled into your bank account on the same schedule as any other electronic payments.Transactions processed after 10pm Monday to Thursday will be processed the following night and will be available the next morning. Any transactions processed after 10pm on Friday and at the weekend will be settled into your nominated bank account from 10am on the next business day.

  • Good for your business

    Customers love new technology, and they expect businesses to keep up. Offering them the latest way to pay can mean fewer missed sales, and an advantage over your competitors.

  • Secure

    Your customer’s mobile phone can’t make accidental purchases. The customer needs to wake the phone, bring it close to the terminal (less than a centimetre away), until their phone vibrates or beeps. The terminal confirms the payment was successful.


  • Cost-effective

    Payments made with ANZ goMoney Wallet cost you no more than the standard contactless transaction fee. Call us on the number below to find out more.


Find out more by visiting the ANZ goMoney microsite.

ANZ goMoney Wallet troubleshooting

If a customer has problems making a payment
If your terminal isn’t reading ANZ goMoney Wallet
If there’s an issue with both ANZ goMoney Wallet and contactless cards
If the terminal shows ‘Card Blocked’ or ‘DECLINED’
If your terminal goes offline



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Eligibility criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply. Details subject to change.

Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

*This contactless fee applies to MasterCard Debit and Visa Debit payWave transactions and is in addition to your standard credit card merchant service fee which applies to all Visa and MasterCard credit transactions.

**A compatible Android smartphone operating Android version 4.4 or above, with Near Field Communication capability that meets ANZ's security standards.