Secure Sentinel is a loss assistance and retrieval service that helps reduce the risk of fraudulent use of your credit cards, debit cards and mobile phones. Secure Sentinel also helps you to protect and retrieve your personal possessions. All ANZ customers can be protected by Secure Sentinel from as little as $59 a year for individuals or $79 a year for families.

This is how it works

With Secure Sentinel, you register all of your financial cards, mobile phones, your passport and other important documents. If any of these are lost or stolen, in New Zealand or overseas, Secure Sentinel will immediately cancel and reorder your cards and block your mobile phone*. If you lose your passport while you're overseas, they can direct you to the nearest New Zealand Embassy to organise a replacement.

Other services provided by Secure Sentinel include:

  • Emergency cash. Secure Sentinel can quickly get an emergency $1,000 advance to you via Western Union.
  • Luggage tags and individually-coded key tags. These will alert the finder to contact Secure Sentinel immediately. If someone finds your keys, they can put them in any mailbox and they'll go directly to Secure Sentinel, who will arrange to return them to you.
  • Documents and valuables registration. Serial numbers of valuables and important documents can be registered with Secure Sentinel and kept safe in case you need it for a police or insurance report.
  • Updated name and address details. If you change address, Secure Sentinel will update your details with all the providers you have registered with them.

More information

For more information or to join Secure Sentinel:

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Call 0800 200 508

Services subject to any restrictions imposed by the financial card or mobile phone providers. Other terms and conditions apply. Full terms and conditions are available at Secure Sentinel (NZ) Limited is a respected registration and protection service, not an insurance provider.

* Participating providers only.