Transfer your credit card balance

Transferring your balance from another bank's credit card is easy and could help you save on interest.

You can transfer your balance to an ANZ Low Rate Mastercard and pay just 1.99% p.a. for 12 months* on that balance.

We also accept balance transfers from American Express, GE Creditline, Q Card and Farmers Card.

Don't have an existing ANZ credit card?

If you do not have an existing ANZ credit card:

Apply for your ANZ Low Rate Mastercard. Make sure you fill out the Balance Transfer section.
Call Us  Call 0800 269 277
Close your old credit card.  Remember to allow enough time for any direct debits to transfer to your new ANZ Low Rate Mastercard before you cancel your old credit card account.

What you need to know

Before applying for an ANZ credit card balance transfer, please read the terms and conditions:

Balance transfer terms and conditions
  • ANZ cannot accept a balance transfer:
    • from other ANZ credit card accounts
    • from credit cards issued outside of New Zealand
    • if the balance on your ANZ card has reached or exceeded 95% of the available credit limit balance
    • if you are in default on any existing ANZ credit card account
    • if the other non-ANZ account named in your application is in default at the time the application is received.
  • You cannot transfer amounts less than $100.
  • You must continue to make payments to the non-ANZ account while the balance transfer application is being processed and toward any remaining balance once the transfer is complete. (Payments to your non-ANZ account will be completed within fourteen days from the time we receive the request). ANZ will not be liable for any overdue payment or interest incurred on the non-ANZ credit card.
  • ANZ will not close the non-ANZ credit card account. If you wish to close the account, you will need to contact the card issuer and arrange closure.
  • Balance transfer can be conducted on up to 95% of the available credit card limit on your ANZ credit card. This ensures there is a buffer left on the card to cover any charges such as fees or interest that could be charged subsequently. Otherwise you may incur an "over-limit" fee.
  • Interest applies to the amount of the balance transfer from the date ANZ processes the transfer request. There is no interest-free period on balance transfers.
  • Payments to your ANZ credit card will be applied to your balance transfer amounts prior to cash advances and purchases.

Frequently asked questions

What is a service provider?
Service providers are businesses that you register with for a particular service, eg. A phone company, an insurance company or gym.
Can I close my other credit card through ANZ?
No - you need to contact your previous financial institution to do this. Remember to check that all direct credits or debits have been redirected to you new account before you close your old one.
What’s a direct debit?
A direct debit is a payment from your bank account, arranged (with your permission) by the organisation receiving the payment.
What’s a direct credit?
A direct credit is a payment to your bank account, arranged (with your permission) by the organisation or person sending you the payment.
What should I do if my regular payments haven’t been redirected correctly?
Contact the relevant service provider and ask them to fix the situation.
How do I register for Phone or Internet Banking?
Call us or visit any ANZ branch.

More information

For more information on transferring your balance:

Call Us
Call 0800 658 044 (international +64 9 522 3010)


*Offer available for a limited time. Balance transfers can be made from non-ANZ Visa and MasterCard, American Express, GE CreditLine, Q Card and Farmers Card. Full details are contained in the ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use available from or any branch. After 12 months our standard purchase interest rate will apply to any remaining balance transfer amount. Standard interest rates for ANZ Low Rate MasterCard (currently 13.90% p.a. on purchases and 22.95% p.a. on cash advances) apply to new transactions and repayments will generally be applied to balance transfer amounts before new purchases.

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