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How do you join?

It's easy to join the funds. All you need to do is:

If you're a joint investor or a company, trust, partnership or estate, you may need to complete one or more additional forms. Please see Documents and forms for more information and copies of these forms.

Why invest with the ANZ Investment Funds?

A diversified investment

The funds are multi-asset-class funds that spread their investments over hundreds of assets across local and international markets. They give you access to a broad range of assets you might not otherwise be able to invest in. For more information, see Choosing the right fund.

A flexible option

The funds have flexible investment and withdrawal options, so that you can add to your investment whenever you wish, and cash in some or all of your investment whenever you need to. For more information, see the overview section.

A complement to other savings and investments

The funds work well with other types of savings or investments, such as term deposits and KiwiSaver. The funds are more diversified than a term deposit (because they invest in more asset classes) and more flexible than KiwiSaver (because you can withdraw your money at any time).

You're always connected

If you bank with ANZ, you can find up-to-date information about all your ANZ savings and investment products, including the funds:

  • through ANZ Internet Banking
  • by using the ANZ goMoney app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also view unit prices and fund performance details.

An award-winning investment manager

The funds are managed by ANZ Investments, ANZ's award winning fund manager.

Morningstar Awards 2016

Morningstar Awards 2016©. Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Awarded to ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited for: 

  • International Equities Category Winner, New Zealand
  • Finalist, Fund Manager of the Year, New Zealand
  • Finalist, KiwiSaver Category, New Zealand

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  • 2014 FundSource Fund Manager of the Year award
  • 2014 FundSource KiwiSaver Manager of the Year award.

View our full awards history and meet our directors and key personnel.


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