ANZ Personal Loans for full-time tertiary students

Managing your money can be challenging if you’re studying full-time. If you need a helping hand to get your finances under control, an ANZ Personal Loan can make all the difference. As a full-time tertiary student, you can get an ANZ Personal Loan with some special benefits.

An ANZ Personal Loan is simple to apply for and easy to manage:

  • Your interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan, giving you certainty
  • You choose the loan term (from six months to seven years) and the repayment frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • You can make extra repayments at any time with no fees – so you can repay your loan faster and pay less in interest.

What special benefits can I get as a full-time tertiary student?*

  • No loan application fee - saving you $250
  • A lower minimum loan amount of $1,000 (usually $3,000)
  • No top-up fees - saving you $150 for each top-up.

For more information

ANZ lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

*If applying for lending benefits only available to tertiary students on the ANZ Jumpstart account, you must be enrolled at and provide proof of full-time study at a government-recognised tertiary institution or a NZQA approved language school.  When applying for lending benefits you must have a minimum of six months remaining on your course.