What is ANZ Private's track record?

ANZ Private has a well earned reputation for understanding clients' needs and providing investment solutions in keeping with our clients' expectations. We are happy to provide indicative performance on request.

How are ANZ Private Banking staff paid?

They're paid by salary - we don't pay any commissions or provide sales incentives. Our team may be offered annual performance bonuses, but they are not linked to selling or recommending particular products or services.

What fees do you charge for the Investment Management Service?

There are various fees incurred:

You'll be able to see details of all fees on the regular monitoring reports we send you and in your ANZ Private Banker's disclosure statement, issued under the Financial Adviser’s Act 2008, which is available on request, free of charge.

What types of investment will my money go into?

All our investment decisions are made to best fit with your needs. Wherever possible, we choose direct and listed investments that can be traded on a market - but it may sometimes be more appropriate to choose an unlisted managed fund, term deposit or debenture.

Can I access my investment money if I need to?

As part of our understanding of your needs, we will seek to ensure that the level of liquidity from any investments is appropriate to your circumstances. In most cases you can cash in your investment at short notice although some investments may take longer to convert to cash.

How does ANZ Private make its investment decisions?

We make all our investment decisions using careful and in-depth research and analysis and based on an established investment approach.

Our Investment Committee, chaired by our Chief Investment Officer, evaluates the research and makes investment strategy recommendations. Supported by our investments team, which monitors and reviews product options. ANZ Private Bankers then have a range of investment solutions to include, as appropriate, in their client's portfolio.

More information

For more information on ANZ Private:

Full details of all products, including fees, terms and conditions, investment statements (where applicable), lending and eligibility criteria, and your Private Banker's Authorised Financial Adviser disclosure statement prepared under the Financial Advisers Act 2008, are available on request and free of charge by contacting your Private Banker.

A copy of the Bank's General Disclosure Statement under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 is available on this website or on request from any ANZ branch, free of charge.