Message for our customers in the Residential Red Zone

If we have a mortgage over your property and you have received the options available to you under the Crown’s offer, we'd like to invite you to talk with us about how we can help you through this process. We’ll work with you to understand your current financial position, how much you may receive under each option, and which option you intend to accept.  We will then be able to explain what our requirements might be. To enable us to provide you with the right information, it would help if you have a copy of the offer you’ve received from the Crown when you talk with us. 

If you are considering accepting Option two, we may also need information about how much you may receive from your private insurer.  If your private insurer has not assessed your property yet, we recommend you ask them to do this urgently, so that you can consider which option is best for you, before making any final decision.

We also strongly recommend that you seek legal advice before making any decision.

To talk to us you can: