Other sources of help and advice
Other sources of
help and advice

Resources & tools

You can use these resources and tools to help you get your finances in shape – both now and in the future.

  • Your guide to health finances

    Your guide to healthy finances

    A comprehensive guide with straightforward, down to earth tips and information on managing your money.

  • ANZ Online budget planner

    ANZ online budget planner

    An easy budget calculator that will help you get more control over where your money is going.

  • ANZ BizHub

    ANZ Biz Hub

    Free resources for small business owners, including articles on managing your business finances and surviving difficult times.

  • Family budgeting services

    Family budgeting services

    A confidential, non-judgemental network of free budgeting services throughout New Zealand.

  • Citizens Advice Bureau

    Citizens Advice Bureau

    Free information and advice on financial, family, legal and other issues.

  • Sorted


    Offers New Zealanders free, impartial information and calculators to help manage their money throughout life.

  • Insolvency and trustee services

    Insolvency and trustee services

    Offers assistance to those in financial difficulty where you are unable to repay your debts as they become due.

  • Inland Revenue


    Information and services on tax and specific social policy services they administer.

  • Work & Income

    Work & Income

    Provides employment services and financial assistance throughout New Zealand.