Sale of the ANZ Securities service

ANZ has agreed to sell the ANZ Securities service – which includes the platform that allows its customers to trade equities and bonds – to First NZ Capital Securities Limited (FNZC).

The sale is part of a strategic alliance between ANZ and FNZC. This alliance allows ANZ to continue to simplify its business, while ensuring our customers can continue to access a high-quality equity and bond trading service.
We anticipate that the sale will complete in the second half of 2018, which is subject to closing steps and conditions.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call ANZ Securities on 0800 805 777.

ANZ New Zealand Securities Limited (ANZ Securities) is an NZX Market Participant providing highly efficient, execution only (DIY) trading in shares and fixed interest investments.

ANZ Securities offers simple, straightforward trading at competitive brokerage rates and is based on a client-centred approach. A range of innovative online tools and access to share details and market information makes ANZ Securities an effective option for clients ranging from market novices to seasoned professional traders.

ANZ Securities is a subsidiary of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited.

Key features

  • Access to market information: clients can view up to date NZX, ASX and NZDX market information, as well as historical data, to assist with choosing investments.
  • Easy, straightforward trading: clients trade wherever and whenever they like online. Trades are easy to execute and highly efficient.
  • Access to debt and equity issues: clients can be notified, gain access to information and respond accordingly to upcoming issues that ANZ Securities has access to online.
  • Information and education: access to market information and share details, plus independent research and views.
  • Easy portfolio management: online portfolio management tools make it easy for clients to keep up to date with their share portfolio and view their trading history.
  • Cost-effective share trading: ANZ Securities offers highly competitive brokerage rates - which means more money in clients' portfolios.