Current public notices

Changes to ANZ Fees and Charges effective 11 May 2018

We’re removing the tiered interest rates on ANZ Ready Saver and replacing with a flat interest rate of 0.10% effective 11 May 2018. We summarise the change below.

Product Current interest rates New interest rate
ANZ Ready Saver Amount Interest rate Amount Interest rate
  $0.00 - $4,999.99
0.00% p.a.
0.10% p.a.
$0.00+ 0.10% p.a.

More information

An updated copy of our ANZ Fees and Charges brochure will be available online or from any ANZ branch from 11 May 2018. Interest rates are subject to change.



Notice of change to ANZ Special Answer Service effective 21 May 2018

Removing the special answer service

We will no longer provide the special answer service (faster cheque clearance) from 21 May 2018.

Alternative options

You may wish to consider requesting payments to be paid to you electronically. Electronic payments (i.e. bill payments) are a fast and efficient way of receiving money. In addition to faster payment processing, electronic payments ensure money is sent to your account on the same day and that the payment cannot fail.

Please see our website, or contact us on 0800 269 296, to find out more about electronic payments.


Changes to International Money Transfer fees effective 3 May 2018

We’re reducing our International Money Transfer (IMT) fees. This change will take effect on 3 May 2018.

For IMT payments made via Internet Banking the ANZ fee is reducing from $18 to $9 per transaction. This applies to all customers.

For IMT payments made via the ANZ goMoney mobile app the ANZ fee of $9 per transaction now applies to all customers across both Android and iOS devices.

In branch IMT payment fees remain unchanged.

Please note overseas bank charges may still apply.

Updated ANZ International Money Transfer fees will be available online from 3 May 2018.