Current public notices

'Loan Repayment Holidays’ will no longer be available from 31 October 2017

Due to regulatory changes, ANZ is no longer able to offer ‘Loan Repayments Holidays’ on ANZ Home Loans.

If you’ve already been approved for a ‘Loan Repayment Holiday’ that is due to start before 31 October 2017, or already have one underway, it won’t be affected by this change.

If you want to make changes to your loan, including your repayments or loan term, for any reason, please give us a call, as there are a range of options that may suit. Or, if you’re experiencing financial hardship, let us know immediately as we may be able to change the terms of your loan to help you during this period.

Contact us today to discuss your options on 0800 269 4663.



A change to the Apple Pay Terms and Conditions, ANZ Credit Card and ANZ EFTPOS Card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use – effective 23 October 2017

We’re making a change to our Apple Pay terms and conditions and card conditions of use which will take effect on 23 October 2017.  

The change relates to the requirement to enter your card’s PIN at EFTPOS terminals when making a purchase over NZ$80. For some Apple Pay transactions over NZ$80, you’ll no longer need to enter your card’s PIN. This may depend on the terminal being used to process your transaction.

We’ve also updated the meaning of the term ‘PIN’ so that it matches the meaning of that term given in the ANZ General Terms and Conditions.

A copy of the updated Apple Pay Terms and Conditions, ANZ Credit Card, ANZ EFTPOS Card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use can be viewed via the link below: