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Currency by ANZ. A banking App for exchange rate calculations and more.

Currency by ANZ*

Exchange rate calculations and more, on the go.

Whether you need foreign currency information for business or pleasure, Currency by ANZ* is your must have app. It’s simple, it’s intuitive, it’s the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Featuring indicative currency exchange rates^, Currency by ANZ* lets you calculate foreign currency amounts and watch and manage your favourite currency pairs. You can set your own currency rate alerts, receive push notifications when a currency rate alert has been reached, and view interactive historical charts. You can even scan and convert foreign currency amounts on your screen.

If you are an ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (ANZ NZ) customer and choose New Zealand as your home country, Currency by ANZ* also links you to ANZ Internet Banking.



  • Access to indicative currency exchange rates^
  • Create your personalised foreign currency conversion list
  • Watch your favourite currency pairs
  • Set currency rate alerts and receive push notifications via your mobile device
  • View interactive historical charts
  • Scan and convert foreign currency amounts to indicative rates on your mobile device
  • Link to ANZ Internet Banking
  • Available to ANZ NZ and non-ANZ NZ customers
  • Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play™ Store to download Currency by ANZ*
 Download ANZ goMoney
Download ANZ goMoney

Indicative currency exchange rates

The indicative rates displayed in Currency by ANZ* are not rates which can be transacted on. If you obtain an actual/quoted rate for a transaction from ANZ NZ or your preferred foreign currency provider, it may differ significantly from the relevant indicative rate displayed in Currency by ANZ*. This can depend on a number of factors, including for example, whether you’re buying or selling the currency, and whether the relevant transaction involves cash, a credit card or an international money transfer.

Compatible devices

Currency by ANZ* for iPhone may only be downloaded to an iPhone 4S or later with iOS 7 or later software. Currency by ANZ* for Android™ is compatible with devices running Android™ 4.3 or above.

Learn more about Currency by ANZ* by clicking here to be taken to Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited’s (ANZBGL’s) website.

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