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ANZ Serious Saver - Prize Draw

What terms apply to ANZ Serious Saver accounts - effective 28 October 2012

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These terms and conditions apply to Serious Saver accounts, including the Serious Saver prize draw.

To earn extra interest, called Premium interest, on your Serious Saver account in a month, you must do two things:

  • You must deposit at least $20 into your Serious Saver account by the last business day of that month. Interest we’ve paid you doesn’t count as a deposit for this purpose.
  • You must not make any withdrawals on or before the last business day of that month.

If you deposit money, or make withdrawals, after the last business day of a particular month, it will affect whether you earn Premium interest in the following month instead.  

If you’ve earned Premium interest in a particular month, we’ll give you one entry into that month’s prize draw, for every whole dollar your balance increased by in that month.

If you also have an ANZ personal everyday banking account, or a business transaction account, in your name at that time, we’ll double your entries in each prize draw.

If you don’t want us to enter you into the prize draw, let any branch know in writing, or send us a secure email message using Internet Banking.

If you’re employed by the ANZ Group you aren’t eligible for the prize draw.

We’ll hold the prize draw for a particular month 14 days after the end of the month. We can change the prizes, frequency and conditions of each draw. You can get information about the prizes available from any branch, or on our website.

The first eligible entry we draw for a particular prize, will win that prize. Our decision on eligibility and the prize draw is final.

If you win a prize in a particular draw:

  • we’ll contact you as soon as possible and credit the prize to your Serious Saver account within 14 days of the prize draw
  • if you’ve closed your Serious Saver account, we’ll try to contact you to tell you about the prize and how you can collect it. But, if we can’t contact you within 5 business days, we’ll redraw that prize
  • you’re not eligible to win any other prizes in the same draw and you can’t transfer your prize for something else, or to someone else
  • you agree we can use your name or photograph for publicity purposes.