Bank account rates, fees and agreements


The following information is current from loading product data(View current rates) and is subject to change.

ANZ Serious Saver
ANZ School Plus account
ANZ Select account
ANZ Online account
ANZ Ready Saver account
ANZ Private Current account
ANZ Private Reserve account

Our Reserve Bank Disclosure Statement is available on this website or on request from any ANZ branch.

Account opening and eligibility criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

ANZ PIE Fund - Call Option rates
Amount Interest rate
$0.00+ loading product data(View current rates)

The interest rate is subject to change. Minimum balance of $500. The return is calculated daily and is allocated quarterly (in the form of additional units). The additional units are added to your PIE Fund account calendar quarterly (March, June, September and December).

A copy of the ANZ PIE Fund Information Brochure and Terms and Conditions is available from any ANZ branch, or by calling 0800 269 296.


Everyday accounts
  Benefit Monthly Account Fee Automated Transaction Fee Manual Transaction Fee

ANZ Freedom
Enjoy the freedom to bank the way you want to. $5* Nil Nil
ANZ Go Avoid monthly account and transaction fees when you bank electronically. Nil Nil $3
ANZ Select An interest-bearing account for customers who keep an average monthly balance of $5,000 or more. $6** Nil Nil
ANZ Jumpstart If you’re under 21 or studying full-time^, enjoy no monthly account or transaction fees. You can also apply for some special lending benefits (see below). Nil Nil Nil

* We’ll waive this fee each month you deposit at least $2,500 into the account. Deposits exclude transfers made between your ANZ accounts.

** We’ll waive this fee if your average monthly balance is $5,000 or more.

You can access any of these accounts using an ANZ Visa Debit or ANZ EFTPOS card. There is no annual card fee for an ANZ EFTPOS card. You must be 13 years or over to apply for an ANZ Visa Debit card. The yearly card fee for an ANZ Visa Debit card is $10. We waive the card fee when your card is linked to an ANZ Freedom or Jumpstart account.

ANZ Jumpstart account – lending pricing benefits

If you hold an ANZ Jumpstart account and you’re 18 years or older, you can apply for the following lending products with special pricing benefits. ANZ lending and eligibility criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply to all overdrafts, credit cards and personal loans. International students are only eligible to apply for an ANZ Credit Card.


Interest-free overdraft on application (up to $2,000), with no monthly Overdraft Management fee.

Credit Card

If you’re in full-time study^ you can apply for any new ANZ Credit Card and get a one year annual card fee waiver (limit one per customer).

Personal Loan

If you’re in full-time study^ you can apply for a personal loan with no application fee and no top-up fees.

^ You must be enrolled at and provide proof of full-time study at a government recognised tertiary institution or a NZQA approved language school. When applying for lending benefits you must have a minimum of 6 months remaining on your course. International students are only eligible to apply for an ANZ Credit Card.

Overdrafts on everyday accounts
Fee type Fee
Overdraft application fee $25
We charge this fee for new overdraft applications and applications to increase existing limits.
Unarranged overdraft fee $5

Applies if we choose to let you make payments or withdrawals or we pay any cheques or take any fees or charges, when you don’t have enough money in your account. We’re lending you money you don’t have and you must repay that money as soon as possible or when we ask. We charge the fee each month if you exceed your approved overdraft limit, or your account becomes overdrawn, by more than $10, for more than one day. This is charged in addition to excess interest.

If you don’t have an arranged overdraft limit or you exceed your approved overdraft limit, you will be charged excess interest on the amount you have exceeded your overdraft limit by. The Excess Interest Rate is our Consumer Overdraft Base Rate plus a margin of 15.00% p.a.

Monthly Overdraft Management fee $3
Savings accounts
  Benefit Monthly Account Fee Automated & Manual Deposit Fees Automated & Manual Withdrawal Fees
ANZ Serious Saver Get rewarded with Premium interest and grow your savings faster. Nil Nil First withdrawal in a month is free, $5 per month for two or more withdrawals*
ANZ Online Easy saving with online access anytime. Nil Nil

Automated withdrawal – Nil 

Manual withdrawal $3

ANZ Ready Saver Access your money anytime, any way you like. $2** Nil $1

* To earn Premium interest, you need to make no withdrawals and deposit $20 or more (not including credit interest) on or before the last business day of the month.

** We’ll waive this fee if your average monthly balance is $500 or more.

Refer further below for definitions of Automated and Manual transactions.

Key to account transaction charges

Automated transactions

Automated transactions include EFTPOS, Visa Debit, ATM, and mobile wallet transactions, as well as electronic payments and other transactions made using ANZ Internet Banking, goMoney, Phone Banking and ANZ Direct Online.

Manual transactions

Manual transactions include cheques and transactions handled by our staff for you, including at a branch, by phone, or online. Balances and basic account enquiries at a branch are free. We process any deposits received through ANZ Fast Deposit Boxes as staff-assisted, manual transactions.

Our account opening and eligibility criteria apply.

Insufficient funds fees
Item Charge
Insufficient funds fees  
Dishonour fee* $2.50
Failed Payment fee (due to insufficient funds)** $2.50

* Applies if we can’t pay a cheque you’ve written or we’re unable to take a direct debit or take a payment (other than a future-dated electronic payment) for any reason. 

** Applies if we can’t make a future-dated electronic payment you’ve set up and confirmed for any reason, including because you didn’t have enough money in your account.

Bank account service charges - Miscellaneous

Customer service investigation
Certificate of balance and interest
Auditor's Confirmation Report
Credit retrieval fee


Effective 15 February 2019

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