A payroll system takes care of business — and your people

As soon as your business needs extra people power, it’s a good idea to power up your administration systems.

An online payroll system with support for both your business and your staff saves time and worry — and frees everyone up to focus on running a better business.

Meeting your obligations is easy

As an employer, you not only need to pay your people, you need to do it on time, at the correct rate, and taking account of PAYE, deductions, and allowances. You also need to process and plan for different types of leave — the list goes on.

To make sure that you meet your obligations as an employer, one option is to using a cloud-based online payroll system. Ensure you select a reputable provider where your data will be secure. For example:

  • Choose an established provider that integrates with your accounting system
  • Ask about the provider’s secure servers: are they in New Zealand or elsewhere? Do they have full data back-up? Do they have a disaster recovery plan?

Compliance is assured

Once your payroll system is properly set up, it will help you get things right without the worry. A good payroll system alerts you to any adjustments needed when legislation changes, so complying is easy.

You’ll find that an online payroll takes care of the complexities of complying and provides easy-to-access information for your employees. They’ll get emailed payslips with all the details they need. They can request leave through the system, and keep an eye on their leave balance.

Make sure that the system that you choose is scalable and will meet all your business’s needs; both now and in the future.

Reporting a breeze

An online payroll system is always up to date with the latest information and allows you to draw reports quickly and easily so you can spot trends and insights. For example, you can get up-to-the-minute reports on leave requests, enabling you to plan cover while people are away or to spot popular times for holidays.

A good payroll system connects with your accounting system and keeps your records up to date in real time. Your accountant will love you for it!

Keeping up to date with your employer obligations is at your fingertips

For the latest information and useful downloadable guides, you’ll find all you need to know on the Employers section of the Inland Revenue website.

Your payroll payments made easier

We've teamed up with Smartly to provide ANZ customers with an exclusive offer. Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply.

Smartly's online system helps make doing the payroll faster, easier and with less paperwork – they even automatically file with the IRD on your behalf.

Important information

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