Business resilience and wellbeing

Resources to help you keep your mind healthy and well.

Five tips for how business owners can manage stress

Learn to say no

This will prevent you from overcommitting and leaving yourself in stressful situations.

Pay attention to your body’s stress signals

Common stress signals are difficulty sleeping and an increased heart rate.

Ask for help

Small business owners can be eligible for fully funded support from a trained mental health professional through Clearhead.

Practise mindfulness

This could be as simple as stopping and breathing before rushing to your mobile when it vibrates. Take a breath and walk away for 20 minutes. Sometimes a bit of distance gives you a lot of perspective.

Proactively work on your wellbeing regularly

Find ways that work for you to de-stress, switch off from work and be kind to your mind.

Resilient Boss, Resilient Business webinar

There are many types of stress for business owners right now - one of the biggest being the uncertainty created by COVID-19.  Hear from one of our customers Rob Beard, Founder of Beard Brothers and Dr Angela Lim, CEO and Co-founder of Clearhead. Our speakers discuss resilience, looking after mental health in business and where you can get help and support.


Small-business owners can access free wellbeing resources and support with Clearhead.

External resources that can help

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