‘Kia Puawai Te Pakihi - Māori in business’ speaker series

A series of webinars to support Māori to thrive in business and increase financial wellbeing.

Kia whakaohooho te ahurea pakihi - Inspiring Māori in Business

Designed to inspire and inform Māori in business, either established or just starting up, this event brings together a successful Māori business founder, and experienced Māori business bankers, to share their collective learnings on: 

  • Building a successful business plan 
  • Surrounding yourself with a winning team
  • Building a platform for growth.

Please check back soon for more workshops.

Kia Whakamahere - How to create an effective business plan

A good business plan can make a huge difference to your mahi. In this workshop you’ll learn how to create an effective plan – and how to use it to make your business fly, including:

  • The key benefits of planning.
  • A brief guide to preparing a business plan.
  • Key aspects to consider when developing a plan.

Please check back soon for more workshops.

Kia whai rawa - How to make a profit and maintain your cash flow

Running a successful business is about managing your pūtea well. This workshop will help show you how to generate sustainable profits over the long term, while keeping the cash flow ticking over day-to-day, including:

  • How to prepare a profitability budget.
  • How to prepare a cash flow forecast.
  • Tips to improve cash flow.

1pm – 2pm, Tuesday 21 June 2022 

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