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Helping your early childcare business succeed

The Early Childcare Education sector is a strong and vibrant part of the New Zealand economy, with growth potential.

The Early Childcare Education (ECE) sector is growing, largely due to an increasing number of dual income families and increased recognition of the benefits of ECE for young New Zealanders. 

Our team of experienced ECE sector banking specialists understands the opportunities and challenges of this exciting industry. From helping you achieve your growth ambitions to streamlining your day-to-day banking and more, we can help you find the right banking solutions to take your business where you want it to go. Our team is based around the country and understands your local market. Talk to a specialist near you today. 

Growth and acquisition.

Whether you are looking to purchase an existing business, establish a new purpose-built centre or expand your existing operations, we can assist with flexible financing solutions, specialist banking expertise and invaluable connections to help you succeed – find out more below. 


Purchasing an early childcare business

If you are purchasing an early childcare business along with a property, ANZ typically views the transaction on a total going concern basis rather than a property purchase - providing a more thorough basis in terms of us reviewing profitability and performance. 

We offer a range of flexible financing solutions and will work with you to implement the right structure from the start, both to enable the purchase and allow for future growth.


Development finance

Our Relationship Managers can help you find the right banking solutions to assist with your growth plans, ranging from the development of a site for a purpose built centre, to fit-outs of leased premises, to expansion of an existing centre. 

We can help connect you to the right people to ensure the project stays on track – so you can focus on the project at hand and achieve your dream centre.


Unique insights

Geospatial tool: Our innovative tool may help you with your due diligence with new acquisitions or developments. This innovative tool includes information on early childcare saturation in the area, demographic information (e.g. pre-school population in the area), and complementary services (e.g. transport and schools in the area).

Benchmarking: We have created financial benchmarks for the sector to help you compare how your business, and potential acquisitions, are performing across key industry metrics.

Day-to-day banking

We can take care of your day-to-day banking needs so you can focus on your business. We offer a range of packages and products to make running your business easier, including:

  • Our business start-up package with some discounts and specific fee waivers
  • A wide range of business credit card and card payment options 
  • Secure online banking options


Help with running your childcare business

Running a business can be exciting and challenging. We understand this, so we developed valuable online sources of knowledge and inspiration to help make it a little easier: 

ANZ Biz Hub – offering free resources for whatever stage of business you're at - from starting a business, to growing.

Business Insights – delivering insights and information that may help you drive outcomes and make doing business easier.

Keeping you connected

Our size, scale and reach means we can connect you to our wider network – from opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with other early childcare businesses at ANZ events, to facilitating introductions with service providers and other organisations who may help you achieve your goals. Our strength and specialist banking expertise puts us in a unique position to help you achieve your business goals.


For more information


ANZ Biz Hub

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Business insights

Find out more

Find out how the Childcare sector’s doing.

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