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Food & Beverage never goes out of style

Food & beverage never 
goes out of style


Let us help you expand into new markets
and compete on the world stage.


Over half the value of New Zealand’s merchandise exports comes from food and beverage. An ever-growing world population and increasing wealth, especially in Asia, mean huge opportunities for your business.

But you’re never short of competition. To make sure your business grows and stays competitive, you need great support.

Grow your business at the right pace

Growth can happen rapidly in the food and beverage sector, but sometimes that growth can get away on you. With benchmarking tools, industry insights and good cash management, we can help you grow at a sustainable pace.

Connect with potential customers through us

We can connect you with customers in New Zealand and offshore — particularly in Asia-Pacific — and help you break into new markets.

For example, for our larger scale food and beverage customers who are looking at expanding their business into the Asia-Pacific region, we ran an ‘Opening Doors in Asia’ tour for New Zealand business owners. By experiencing potential markets first hand, you can start building long-distance business relationships.

So far, we’ve run seven tours across five years. We’ve visited China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and Hong Kong, and met people from 118 different companies.

Connect and collaborate

Success in the food and beverage sector is often associated with innovation through collaboration and we can help you do both. Through our network, we can connect you with other business owners or service providers to support the ongoing growth of your business.

For example, ANZ has strong links with organisations such as FoodHQ, who can provide a gateway to food innovation across the global value chain.

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