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Business insurance

Managing the risks your business faces each day is a crucial role for every business owner. But when you're busy running a business, you don't want to have to worry about whether your insurance will provide enough cover if the worst happens.

We can help if you're worried about things like:

  • If I or a key employee was to suffer an illness, injury or die – could my business continue to operate?
  • Is my business protected from unexpected events like a fire or natural disaster, that may impact my ability to continue trading?

Protect the people in your business

ANZ Life & Living Insurance can help provide financial assistance to you or your family if anything serious should happen to you, such as illness, injury or death.

We also have a range of other insurance solutions designed to help your business keep operating, should something unexpected happen to you or a key person. These solutions can help:

  • Protect you and your family
  • Prevent a major interruption to your business
  • Repay your debt
  • Execute a buy/sell agreement.

In the short term, it’s about protecting your cash flow. Business insurance provides you with a cash injection so you can continue to operate and pay your ongoing costs.

In the long term, it’s about having a contingency plan so you are in control and have options for the future of your business.

Protect your business assets

By working with our insurance partner, Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Limited, we can provide you with a comprehensive business insurance package that's specifically designed to meet the needs of your business.

Our most popular business insurance policies include cover for:

  • Business Asset - covers physical loss or damage to business assets, including plant, machinery, stock, contents and tools
  • Business Interruption - covers loss of profits, staff wages and extra costs incurred as a result of an interruption to your business, following an asset claim
  • Business Liability - covers legal costs and expenses as a result of business activities or products causing accidental third party property damage or bodily injury
  • Cyber Insurance - covers the reconstruction of data and loss of income as well as legal costs and expenses relating to third-party claims
  • Commercial Property - covers damage or loss of commercial buildings, including the physical structure and loss of rents.

We have business insurance specialists available to provide advice on reducing risk and ensuring your business can continue to operate, no matter what.

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For more information on how ANZ can help you build a comprehensive risk management plan for your business, contact an ANZ Business Specialist:


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IMPORTANT: This is a summary only of cover and features that may be available. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. For more details contact any ANZ Business Centre or phone 0800 269 249.

Our business insurance solutions are underwritten by related and third party insurers. All insurance products are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions set out in the applicable policy document. No member of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (ANZ) or its related companies guarantees the underwriters and insurers, or any of the products issued by them. ANZ may receive commission on any policy it arranges or on any referral to Crombie Lockwood.