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State of the nation

Insights from Sharon Zollner, ANZ New Zealand’s Chief Economist.

State of the nation December 2023

Sharon Zollner sheds light on New Zealand’s economic challenges, including supply disruptions, monetary and fiscal policy, and housing dynamics, amidst the ongoing pursuit of the 2% CPI.

State of the nation August 2023

Sharon Zollner reflects on the first half of 2023 and what we can expect in the second half of 2023. Including higher unemployment and a forecasted mild recession pointing to the New Zealand economy cooling.

State of the nation February 2023

Sharon Zollner, delves into some of the challenges for 2023, including the outlook for growth, employment, inflation and interest rates. She expects that 2023 may be a bumpy ride, not least as the cyclone impacts work their way through the system. 

Be the landlord and the boss

The appeal of being your own boss is one of the main drivers for starting a business. But being your own landlord can also be pretty appealing – and rewarding. If you’re leasing your premises and your business is in a sound financial position, owning your own premises could be a good option.

Bridging the gap

Knowing where your food comes from bridges the gap between the paddock and your plate. But there is a growing sense of unease about agriculture in this country, particularly in urban areas, where many people don’t understand where their food comes from or how it is product.

NZ wine tourism ripe for the picking

Living on a vineyard in the heart of New Zealand wine country, Rob Simcic is excited about the opportunities ahead.

A new generation of consumers is changing the game when it comes to food

Millennials aren’t just changing the food we are buying, they’re changing how we are buying it.

"Unlike my generation, millennials have grown up knowing about climate change, knowing about environmental pollution and they know the most powerful thing they can do is consume consciously.”

Gary Hirschberg may be a baby boomer, but he understands what drives younger generations when it comes to the choices they make.

A change in the weather - rural economic commentary 

There are signs that things are changing within the macro operating environment for the agri sector. ANZ's economics team take a look at what’s on the horizon - and some of the key opportunities and risks.

How can farmers weather the tech tsunami?

Research from ANZ’s Rural Economist looked at some of the apps aimed at improving the bottom line.