Agri tools and templates

As part of ANZ’s commitment to the New Zealand farming sector, we have worked with a range of industry leaders to create a range of practical tools and templates you can use to help you run your agricultural business.

Getting started

We want to help you access the information you need to succeed. From doing your homework before signing agreements to choosing a business structure and registering for GST, there are a few things you should and must do to get your business up and running. Don’t worry if you’re not a dairy farmer, these resources will help you get started no matter what rural business you’re in.

Developing a business plan

An effective business plan lays the blueprint for future business success and research shows that businesses with a business plan perform better than those without. Writing a business plan helps you organise your thoughts and map out the road to where you want to take your business and aligns owners, investors and staff.

Managing your finances

Budgeting is a cornerstone for any successful business and allows farmers to gain control over all spending decisions.

DairyNZ has developed simple budget templates and guides which may be printed and completed by hand or downloaded in Microsoft Excel.

Growing your agribusiness

Expanding your business is a significant step and requires some careful planning and consideration to ensure your business grows smoothly and sustainably.

ANZ A-Z Review

Make the most of your finances with an A-Z Review. An A-Z Review is a complimentary one-on-one discussion about your business finance with an ANZ Rural Manager.

We start your A-Z Review with a conversation about the background of your agribusiness and its current financial situation. We then discuss your business plans for the future, including what's important to you and any financial goals you already have.

By knowing your situation, we can help identify the changes that could be made to your current banking arrangements which may help you achieve your business goals, sooner.

Contact details

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Important information

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