ANZ ExportLink provides immediate access to cash-flow finance of up to 85%* of the value of your export invoices.

Funds are available as soon as we've received and processed the relevant shipping insurance documents, immediately relieving the strain on your working capital while you await payment from buyers.

Why use ANZ ExportLink?

Not only is ANZ ExportLink a convenient source of working capital, it also has the potential to offer more favourable finance terms, reduced transaction risk, and greater bargaining power with both buyers and suppliers.

What's more, ANZ ExportLink allows you to increase your access to funding without the need for additional security, equity or finance reporting. And because it's linked to your export sales, it means it's also flexible enough to grow with the size of your exports.

Product information

Borrow up to 85%* of the value of your export invoices.
Available on both export collections and open account transactions.
You must provide evidence of suitable export insurance, as well as all relevant shipping documents.
The maximum finance term depends on the individual buyer terms of your insurance policy. In most cases, it will be less than 180 days.
Finance cost
  • A financing fee applies to each drawdown. Interest is calculated at the time of each drawdown, using prevailing interest rates (plus margin) and charged at the end of the finance term.
  • Contact your Trade Services Manager for more specific rates and charges.
  • Export credit insurance premiums are additional (according to the arrangement you have with your insurer).

More favourable finance

With ANZ ExportLink, funds are priced at a margin above the Bank's cost of funds for the relevant currency.

This has the potential to provide access to more favourable finance rates (for example, at the times when the New Zealand interest rates are higher than those of your export market) reducing your dependence on more expensive forms of funding.

Reduced risk

Your export credit insurance policy can protect your company from non-payment by the buyer for financial reasons (insolvency or default), and political/country payment restrictions (by arrangement with your insurer).

However, the policy will not provide cover for non-acceptance of goods or services, or non-payment by the buyer, due to:

More bargaining power

Have you ever been forced to negotiate on price to attain shorter trade terms from buyers, or longer trade terms with suppliers? Working capital restriction may be hindering your ability to negotiate the best deal.

Your policy must have ANZ noted as the 'first-loss-payee'.

ANZ ExportLink does not impact the relationship with your broker or insurer, meaning there is no change to how your policy is administered.

How to apply

For more information or to apply for ANZ ExportLink, contact an ANZ Trade Specialist:

Telephone icon  Call 0800 269 873

Visit branch icon  Visit your nearest ANZ branch


* Financing for amounts of excess 85% may be available via the use of ANZ Trade Finance Loans.

ANZ credit criteria apply, and an establishment fee may be payable. Other fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.