ANZ provides secure facilitation of Documentary Collections both for exporters and importers.

Export Documentary Collections

Exporters can ask ANZ to arrange collection of export proceeds from overseas buyers on their behalf. This process facilitates the collection and return of proceeds in accordance with the exporter's instructions.

We forward the relevant export documents, together with an appropriate Bill of Exchange, to an overseas ANZ Group branch or a correspondent bank in the buyer's country. Documents are released to the buyer against payment (if a sight Bill of Exchange) or acceptance (if a term Bill of Exchange).

Payment is made to the exporter on receipt of proceeds by ANZ.

Product information

  • ANZ acts as a collection agent, facilitating the transaction pending payment.
  • The exporter retains control of goods until payment or a promise to pay under an accepted term Bill of Exchange, is received. This means for term collections the buyer has control over the goods after acceptance, and the exporter is therefore reliant on the importers ability to pay on the future date.
  • The process is time-and-cost effective, enabling the exporter to focus on other core activities.

ANZ credit criteria apply, and an establishment fee may be payable. Other fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.

ANZ as receiving bank

As an importer, ANZ can receive and advise you of collection documents received from your overseas suppliers. We can assist you through the collection process, and remit funds to the overseas party on receipt of payment from you, or alternatively, advise acceptance of the collection for subsequent payment on due date.

Upon payment or acceptance in terms of instructions received we can release the transport documentation, to allow you to collect your goods.

Shipping guarantees

Shipping guarantees are formal financial obligations or undertakings in favour of third parties, issued by banks on behalf of customers, to facilitate their business dealings. ANZ can issue shipping guarantees on behalf of approved customers.

Product information

  • Issued to shipping companies regarding missing Bills of Lading (the document required to collect and clear goods at a port).
  • Enables the customer to take delivery of the goods without the requirement to produce the Bill of Lading.
  • Facilitates the immediate release of imported goods.

ANZ credit criteria apply, and an establishment fee may be payable. Other fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.

How to apply

For more information or to apply for an ANZ Documentary Collection, contact an ANZ Trade Specialist:

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