If time isn't an issue, you can send an International Bank Draft to pay an overseas recipient.  This is similar to sending a cheque and is a widely accepted means of sending funds.

Product information

Key benefits

An ANZ International Bank Draft is a widely accepted method of sending or receiving funds through the post.

Drafts are more suitable for non-urgent payments and are available in a range of currencies.

Drafts can be stopped if lost and you need fewer beneficiary details to purchase and send a draft.  

Sending a draft

You can order an International Bank Draft via:


Make sure the recipient holds an account that the international bank draft can be deposited into.  

You can print a copy of the International Bank Draft application form (PDF, 368 KB)

For more information or to apply for an International Bank Draft call 0800 863 863

Terms, conditions and fees apply. 

*Only available to ANZ customers who have registered for this service.

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