If your annual turnover is between $2 million and $150 million, please contact a Commercial General Manager listed below.

If your annual turnover is above $150 million, please contact a member of Institutional Relationships team listed below.

If your earnings are solely property-related, with property development worth more than $5 million or investment funding of more than $15 million, please contact one of our Property Finance team members below.


Our Commercial team has Relationship Managers spread across 21 locations throughout New Zealand. Your local General Manager can help identify the most appropriate Relationship Manager to assist you.

Ian Ross
General Manager, Northern

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Mark Hiddleston
General Manager, Auckland

Call Us     Call (09) 252 3509

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John Bennett
General Manager, Central

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Troy Sutherland
General Manager, Southern

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Ross Verry 
General Manager, Agri and Strategy

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To find out how ANZ can help you with your financing solutions, please contact one of our Institutional Relationships bankers.

Paul Goodwin
Head of Institutional Relationships

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Stuart McKinnon
Executive Director, Diversified Industrials, Food, Beverage & Agriculture, Listed Property Trusts, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Distribution

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John Vetter
Executive Director, Utilities, Telecommunications & Infrastructure, Natural Resources

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John Ross
Executive Director, Financial Institutions & Public Sector

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Property Finance

Andrew Sheed
General Manager

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