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Residential Investment Property Set-Up Costs Calculator

The Set-Up Costs Calculator will help you estimate the total costs associated with establishing your residential property investment.

Simply enter the amount you expect to incur for each item listed. If you do not think that cost will be applicable, you can leave that item blank.

Set-up Costs Calculator FAQs
 Costs prior to purchase
Registered Valuation $
LIM Report $
Building Inspection costs $
Quotes for repairs and/or maintenance $
 Costs to purchase the property
Loan Approval Fee $
Solicitor's costs $
Low Equity Premium $
 Protecting your investment
Property Insurance $
Mortgage Protection Insurance $
Income Protection Insurance $
Property Inspection Report costs
(including photo development, and miscellaneous costs)
 Repairs, maintenance and extras to the property
Minor costs
Carpet cleaning $
Gardening and landscaping $
General cleaning $
Major costs
Kitchen renovations $
Bathroom renovations $
Interior decorating $
Floor coverings $
Appliances/whitegoods for tenant use
Washing machine/dryer $
Fridge/freezer $
 Finding a tenant          
Advertising or agent fees $
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This is an estimate only. It is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on the accuracy of information provided.

ANZ will not store the information provided in this calculator.

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