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We’re removing cheques at ANZ

We’re removing cheques as a method to receive or make payments after 31 May 2021. Certain currencies of foreign cheques will still be able to be deposited until further notice.

We’ve put together some information to help you make the change to other more convenient and secure options. 


When is this happening?

To give you time to make the necessary arrangements for alternative options, we’re phasing the change in as following:

After 30 November 2020 new and replacement ANZ cheque books will no longer be issued.

After 31 May 2021 cheques will no longer be accepted for deposit into your ANZ account and you will not be able to use ANZ cheques as a way to make payments into other bank accounts.

What does this change mean for you?

If you use cheques to receive or make payments, you’ll need to start using alternative options after 31 May 2021. Foreign cheques in Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Great British Pounds (GBP) and United States Dollars (USD) will still be able to be deposited until further notice. No other currencies of foreign cheques are able to be deposited after 4 December 2020.

This change will mean that:

  1. You won’t be able to deposit a cheque into an ANZ account or use an ANZ cheque to make a deposit into other bank accounts after 31 May.
  2. You should deposit any existing cheques you receive prior to 31 May.
  3. Any cheques that you issue on or before 31 May will not be able to be deposited after 31 May.
  4. ANZ will stop issuing bank cheques after 31 May, however ANZ Bank cheques issued prior to this date will be honoured, subject to the usual requirements.

Why are we making this change?

We offer alternative options to receive and make payments that are faster and more secure than using cheques. As a result cheque usage has decreased significantly over the years.

Removing cheques has been a carefully considered decision, based on the changing ways our customers bank with us. We understand that it’s a big change for some of our customers and we apologise for any inconvenience.

How can I make or receive payments without using cheques?

The easiest and most convenient way of making or receiving a payment is electronically. There are multiple options, and you can read more about these below. You can also continue to use cash.

How to pay another person or business

To make electronic payments you’ll need to register for ANZ Internet Banking, the ANZ goMoney mobile app and/or ANZ Phone Banking (24/7 automated banking over the phone). They’re easy to get set up and to use, and our team can show you how – either over the phone or in any branch.

Find out how to register

Making payments

One-off, same-day or future dated payments, for a set amount, to a particular person or organisation.

If you think you’ll be paying someone again, you can save their account details in your Saved Payees list for quick and easy use in the future.

Scheduled payments (e.g. fortnightly) for a set amount to a particular person or organisation, or to another one of your accounts.

Regular payments that you’ve agreed with an organisation to take money directly from your account such as power, internet and insurance. The amount can vary each time. If you need to set up or cancel a direct debit, you need to contact the organisation concerned directly.

Same-day or future-dated payments to Inland Revenue. Find out how to make tax payments online with ANZ.

A feature in the ANZ goMoney mobile app that allows you to make payment to any person with a New Zealand bank account by using just their mobile phone number.

You can pay your ANZ credit card using bill payment, automatic payment, funds transfer (moving money between your accounts), direct debit, or at any branch.


Receiving payments

Ask friends, family or organisations to deposit the payment directly into your bank account instead of giving you a cheque. You’ll simply need to provide them with your bank account number.

If someone pays you using cash, you can deposit the money directly into your account using an ANZ Smart ATM, available at all ANZ branches. You’ll need a debit or credit card linked to the account you want to deposit the money into. 

Find a Smart ATM near you

Otherwise, you can visit any ANZ branch for assistance over the counter.

Find an ANZ branch near you

To receive an overseas payment, you should provide the sender with the following details:

  •  your account number;
  • your account name;
  • your residential address listed on the account;
  • ANZ's full beneficiary bank name: ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited; and
  • ANZ's SWIFT code: ANZBNZ22 (also known as a Bank Identifier Code or BIC).

Learn more about receiving overseas payments.


For more information about electronic payments, including how we make payments and what happens when we can’t make a payment you’ve set up, please see Electronic payments.

Remember, to make electronic payments you’ll need to be set up for ANZ Internet Banking, the ANZ goMoney mobile app and/or ANZ Phone Banking.


We will continue to provide cheque books until 30 November 2020. 

After 31 May 2021 ANZ will no longer accept cheques for deposit into ANZ accounts, and cheques issued by ANZ customers will no longer be able to be deposited at other banks. This means any existing cheques will need to be deposited by 31 May 2021.  It also means that you won’t be able to pay people, bills or make donations with ANZ cheques after 31 May 2021.


Our automated Phone Banking channel is a convenient and secure way to make payments, check your account balance, transfer money and more. You can do your banking from the comfort of home, and you don’t need an internet connection or a smartphone.



You can continue to deposit cheques at your nearest ATM until - and including 31 May 2021.


You can continue to deposit cheques of certain foreign currencies until further notice. From 14 December 2020, ANZ will only accept deposits of foreign cheques in AUD, CAD, GBP and USD. Cheques in other foreign currencies will not be accepted after this date. However, there are alternative options available for receiving international funds quickly and securely.  A Foreign Currency account is a great way to receive these payments electronically.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept cheques after 31 May 2021. We recommend getting in touch with the person who wrote you the cheque to arrange an alternative payment option.

These changes will only impact the use of cheque books and cheques. Your bank account or debit card will not be affected in any way.


FAQs for Business owners

Make it easier to manage cashflow and receive payment straight away with our fast, secure payment options for business. Be paid or pay customers online, make card payments easier in store with Contactless, or use FastPay, our mobile payment solution that accepts payment by card on the spot. Whatever size your business is, ANZ Internet Banking and goMoney, ANZ Direct Online or ANZ Transactive make managing payments, and your banking, easy.


You’ll receive payment faster, by using these alternative options:

  • Ask your customers to deposit the payment directly into your bank account via electronic payment instead of giving you a cheque. You’ll simply need to provide them with your bank account number. If they're an ANZ customer with goMoney they'll also be able to pay into a New Zealand bank account by using just your mobile phone number.
  • Bill payment – if you’re registered as a Bill Payee anyone wanting to make a payment directly from their personal Internet Banking system to you, can search for your name and process their payment quickly. You don’t need to provide a bank account number to the customer as it’s already in the system, so all your customer needs to do is enter whatever reference details you advise they provide and the amount of the payment. Talk to us today about becoming a registered Bill Payee.
  • Direct Debit initiator - being set up as a Direct Debit initiator means you will be able to debit your customers’ accounts directly for any amount on any given working day (with their permission). This means you don’t have to wait to be paid and can have a better forecast of your cash position.
  • If they’re an ANZ customer with goMoney they’ll also be able to pay into a New Zealand bank account by using just your mobile phone number.
  • FastPay - customers are able to pay you quickly and easily on the spot using our mobile payment solution, FastPay. It lets you accept EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard payments on the go anywhere, anytime. It also accepts contactless payments. Learn more more about FastPay.

Also consider including a note on any invoices that you issue letting customers know in advance that you won’t be able to accept payment by cheque after 31 May 2021.

  • Encourage these customers to start paying by EFTPOS, debit or credit card in advance of 31 May 2021. If you don’t have a merchant terminal or Contactless already, these will help support your payment processing and keep the cash flowing in your business. Learn more about contactless payments.
  • If customers choose to pay you in cash instead, consider using our secure Fast Deposit Bags to deposit cash into a business account via our Fast Deposit boxes in our branches. Learn more about Fast Deposit boxes.


  • Ensure your finance team know these key dates:
    • After 30 November 2020 – new cheque books will no longer be issued.
    • After 31 May 2021 – cheques will no longer be accepted for deposit into ANZ accounts or as payment into other bank accounts. People you’ve paid won’t be able to bank an ANZ cheque with ANZ or any other bank after 31 May 2021.
  • Consider updating your website and emailing customers who pay by cheque to share your bank account details with them so they can pay you directly. Consider including a note on any invoices or statements that you issue letting customers know in advance that you won’t be able to accept payment by cheque after 31 May 2021.



ANZ will no longer issue Bank cheques after 31 May 2021. We will continue to honour any ANZ Bank cheques issued prior to this date, subject to usual requirements.

Online banking can make receiving or making payments easier. We have a range of easy, convenient online banking options:

  • ANZ Internet Banking available 24/7, you can view balances, make payments and you can link your business and personal accounts.
    • Register online or phone 0800 269 249
  • ANZ goMoney our easy to use mobile banking app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It’s a fast and secure way for you to manage your personal and business banking on-the-go.
    • Search for ANZ goMoney NZ in Google Play Store or App Store and install.[insert app store logos]
    • If you're already registered for goMoney on a different device, OR are registered for Internet Banking, simply log on using your Customer Number and password.
    • If you are registering for goMoney for the first time:
    • Open the app and complete the registration form for Internet Banking and goMoney (which includes setting up a password). You'll be given a reference number to quote when you call us to complete your registration. Once activated, you'll be able to log on by entering your Customer Number and  password, then choose a PIN.
  • ANZ Direct Online (ADO) - provides you with a single online banking solution, for use by multiple user groups across multiple locations. It also provides simple, straightforward processes for both single and multiple transactions and it’s compatible with many major accounting and payroll software packages, which means you’ll avoid the need to double key your payments.
    • Phone 0800 269 347 or speak to your Relationship Manager to find out if ADO is right for your business.

Not sure which option is best for you? Take a look at our online comparison on our website or phone our Business Specialists on 0800 269 249. 


We’re here to help

Call us on 0800 269 296 (+64 4 470 3142 from overseas, charges may apply) 6am to 12 midnight, 7 days a week to discuss how you can get ready and plan for using alternative payment methods.

Staying safe online

We understand that making the move to online banking may be worrying for some customers, so we want to reassure you that we will help keep you and your money safe, however you choose to bank with us.

ANZ Secure uses an approach based on three pillars as well as working together to help keep you safe by:

  1. Protecting you with multiple layers of security.
  2. Monitoring your banking 24/7 for potential threats.
  3. Acting when needed.

We’re committed to help keep your banking safe, and you have a role to play too. By working together, we can keep you even safer. You can find out what we do, and what you can do, to protect you and your banking.


Learn more about banking safely online