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Our Lifetimes option

The Lifetimes option takes the hassle out of choosing a fund to invest in.

What is the Lifetimes option?

With the Lifetimes option, your savings are automatically invested in one of our six funds based on your age. When you reach a different age range, we move your savings to a different fund with a more appropriate level of risk and expected return for an average person of your age.

The fund you’re invested in at each age range is shown below:

Your age range

0 - 35

Where your savings are invested

Growth Fund

Your age range

36 - 45

Where your savings are invested

Balanced Growth Fund

Your age range

46 - 55

Where your savings are invested

Balanced Fund

Your age range

56 - 60

Where your savings are invested

Conservative Balanced Fund

Your age range

61 - 64

Where your savings are invested

Conservative Fund

Your age range


Where your savings are invested

Cash Fund

How does the Lifetimes option work?

With this option, you’re always invested in a fund that has levels of risk and expected returns that are considered appropriate for an average person your age.

The idea behind it is that when you’re young, you have a reasonably long time until retirement. This means you can invest in riskier ‘growth’ assets (such as shares or property) which have the potential for higher returns. These kinds of investments are also typically more volatile (i.e. their value is more likely to go up or down); however the good years should more than balance out the bad years.

As you get older, your savings are invested more in ‘income’ assets (such as fixed interest or cash) which are likely to have lower but more stable returns – giving you more certainty as you get closer to retirement.

Is the Lifetimes option right for you?

It’s important to remember that our Lifetimes option doesn’t take your personal circumstances into account, so it may not be right for you. For example, you might have a different appetite for risk than the average person of your age, or you might want to use your KiwiSaver savings to help buy your first home.

You should take your own personal situation and goals into account when considering whether to invest your money via the Lifetimes option or into a specific fund. You can also talk to your financial adviser, who can provide advice tailored to your individual situation.

Changing funds

There are a number of ways to switch to the Lifetimes option or choose a different fund:

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