Our Lifetimes option

The Lifetimes option takes the hassle out of choosing a fund to invest in.

What is the Lifetimes option?

With the Lifetimes option, your savings are moved through our funds based on your age. As you get close to retirement age, you’ll be invested in lower risk funds (like our Conservative Fund and then our Cash Fund), with the aim of reducing the likelihood of your investment losing value. This means that you are also likely to receive lower returns. 

The fund you’re invested in at each age range is shown below:

How does the Lifetimes option work?

Our Lifetimes option is not a separate fund. When you select the Lifetimes option, we’ll move your KiwiSaver savings through different funds based on your age.

Until age 35, you’ll be invested in our Growth Fund (where your savings will be invested mostly in growth assets such as equities and listed property).

As you get older and reach the different age ranges, we’ll move your KiwiSaver savings through our other funds.

From age 61, you’ll be invested in our Conservative Fund (where your savings will be invested mostly in income assets such as cash and cash equivalents and fixed interest), and from age 65 you’ll be invested in our Cash Fund.

You can switch in or out of the Lifetimes option at any time.

Is the Lifetimes option right for you?

The Lifetimes option is designed around fixed aged ranges. It doesn’t take your personal circumstances – or any other factors such as market conditions – into account, so it might not be right for you.

The Lifetimes option might be too conservative for you. You might be more willing to stay invested in a higher risk fund for longer with the aim of receiving higher returns. Or you may want to invest in a fund with a higher proportion of growth assets in retirement if you are planning to withdraw your KiwiSaver savings at a later age.

The Lifetimes option might also not be right for you if you plan to use some of your KiwiSaver savings to help you buy your first home.

We recommend you seek financial advice from your financial adviser if you need help deciding whether Lifetimes is right for you.

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Changing funds

You can switch to the Lifetimes option or choose a different fund:

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