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ANZ Support Band

A gesture from New Zealand to the world, helping athletes and fans feel connected

Feeling support makes all the difference

Closed borders. Player bubbles. Physical distancing. With the ANZ Support Band, nothing can stop athletes in Tokyo feeling the support from their fans back home. Developed to support the New Zealand Olympic and Paralympic teams, ANZ is making this technology accessible for all nations to adopt.

How the band works

You tap it here. They feel it there

The ANZ Support Band is a wearable device that allows fans in New Zealand to send their support directly to the athletes competing in Tokyo.  Fans can send their support by tapping their band, or by tapping through the New Zealand Team app, and the athletes will receive this support on their own personal ANZ Support Band in the form of a physical vibration.

Why it's important

The difference support makes

Elite athletes thrive on the support from fans when they compete on the world stage. In an era of physical distancing, the band can restore that feeling of support, bringing fans and athletes closer. New Zealand Olympic and Paralympic athletes were consulted in the development of the band.

How to make your own


Open tech to bridge closed borders

We created the ANZ Support Band to ensure the New Zealand Athletes could still feel the support of their fans in a time when those fans may not be able to be in Tokyo. Since all national teams and fans will be in a similar situation, we are opening up the technology behind this band ahead of the Tokyo Games. This gives all sporting teams the chance to develop their own versions of the band to connect their own fans and athletes.

Download the ANZ Support Band Technical Overview (PDF 2MB)

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He waka eke noa. We're all in this together.