ANZ Online

Access your money online as often as you like

Ideal if you:

  • Want to earn competitive interest of loading product dataRates
  • Access your money whenever you need it, without affecting the interest rate you earn
  • Manage your account electronically.
ANZ Online account fees & features:
Fees, rates & features* Details
Monthly account fee $0
Automated and manual deposit fee $0
Automated withdrawal fee $0
Manual withdrawal fee $3
Interest rate** loading product dataRates
Other benefits available ANZ Internet Banking, goMoney and Phone Banking.


* Rate and fees are subject to change. Non-standard fees may apply. View full details of our Fees & Charges.
Automated transactions include EFTPOS, Visa Debit, ATM, and mobile wallet transactions, as well as all electronic payments and other transactions made using ANZ Internet Banking, goMoney, and Phone Banking.
Manual transactions include cheques and transactions handled by our staff for you, including at a branch, by phone, or online. Cheque books not permitted on the ANZ Online account.

** Interest is paid on the last business day of each month. Interest for non-business days is calculated based on the balance as at the previous business day.

View all ANZ Rates Fees and Agreements on the full website or in any branch.

Eligibility criteria apply. A copy of our Reserve Bank Disclosure Statement is available on this website or on request from any ANZ branch, free of charge.

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