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We understand that making a claim often comes at a challenging time. We’re here to support you and help make this process as simple and as easy as possible. Please use the contact details below to discuss your claim.

You can also contact us to discuss updating your existing policy, for example if you have a change of address.

Contact ANZ
Type of enquiry Contact numbers

Life Insurance

Weekdays  8.30am – 5pm (NZST)

House , Contents, or Car Insurance

If your insurance policy is underwritten by Vero:




If your insurance policy is underwritten by TOWER:

(If your insurance policy started before 2009)

Intl +64 9 363 4192

Email (for new claims)

Email (for existing claims)


Intl +64 9 369 2000

Travel Insurance Claims



Intl +64 9 488 1648


Travel Insurance Emergency Assistance





Intl +64 9 486 6868 (reverse charge call through international operator)

Australia 1 800 554 114 (toll free)

UK 0500 893 893 (toll free)

USA 1 800 326 1543 (toll free)

Business Insurance



Credit Card Repayment Insurance




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