ANZ Personal Loan FAQs

Q. How much can I borrow?
A. With an ANZ Personal Loan, you can apply to borrow any amount from $3,000.
For less than $3,000 an ANZ credit card may be more suitable.

Q. How long can I take a Personal Loan out for?
Your ANZ Personal Loan can be repaid over terms ranging from just six months to seven years.

Q. Can I repay the Personal Loan early?
If you have an ANZ Personal Loan, at no extra cost you can:

  • increase your regular repayments
  • make extra lump sum payments
  • pay off your whole loan at any time.

This can help pay off your loan sooner and reduce your total interest payments.
If you’d like to repay your loan early, phone us (0800 837 123) or visit any ANZ branch.

Q. What can I use my ANZ Personal Loan for?
A. Almost anything. Pay for the things you really want such as travel, home improvements or just have the certainty of extra cash ready if you need it down the track.  You can also use it to consolidate existing debt.

Q. Do I need to provide security?
No, you don't need to provide any security for an ANZ Personal Loan.

Q. How soon can I get the money if I’m approved?
Once you have signed your loan documents, your money will be available straight away. This can mean you have the cash in your account the same day that you apply.

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