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ANZ Term Deposits

Grow your savings with an investment that gives you a fixed return, for a term you choose (minimum investment $10,000). 

Open a term deposit

A straightforward and effective investment

You choose how long you want to invest for

Invest for a term that suits your needs, from 30 days to five years.


Your interest rate is locked in

Enjoy certainty and peace of mind from knowing exactly what your return will be. 


You choose how and when to receive interest

For terms of 180 days or more receive interest at regular intervals, at the end of the term or have it reinvested – it’s your choice.

Term deposit rates

120 days
(Approx. 4 months)

180 days
(Approx. 6 months)

240 days
(Approx. 8 months)

1 year

Rates are subject to change. Minimum investment $10,000.

Rates apply up to the first $5,000,000 held in all ANZ Term Deposits and are only available to Retail and Business Banking customers. For all other rates, please contact us.


term deposit rates
Term Rate
30 days
60 days
90 days   
120 days   
150 days
180 days
210 days
240 days
270 days
1 year
18 months
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years

What could your return be?

Use our term deposit calculator to find out how your savings can grow.

Calculate my returns

How term deposits works

A term deposit is easy to understand – you choose how long you want to invest (your term) and you’ll know exactly how much your return will be. Before investing, please consider if you’ll need access to your money as with a term deposit you shouldn’t expect to access your money before the maturity date. If you do need access, our call or savings account products may be more suitable.

Your interest

For terms of 180 days or more, interest can be paid at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually), at the end of the term or reinvested (quarterly, six monthly or annually) – it’s your choice. Other terms are paid or reinvested at maturity.

7 day ‘cooling off’ period

For Retail and Business Banking customers you can have peace of mind. You have a 7 calendar day ‘cooling-off’ period starting on the day that we open or reinvest your term investment for you. During this time you can cancel your term investment, or change the term or amount of your investment.

Early withdrawals

Your investment is locked in until the end of your term to help you save and protect you from changes in interest rates. So if you do need access to your money, our call and savings accounts may be more suitable. If you do however unexpectedly need your money after investing in a term deposit, you can request an early withdrawal. You'll need to let us know if you're suffering from financial hardship (businesses with total ANZ deposits of $2m or more will not qualify for early withdrawal on the grounds of hardship) or give us 31 days' notice of the withdrawal. If we agree to let you make an early withdrawal, we’ll reduce your rate by 3% per annum on the amount you withdrawal (your return will not go below 0%).

Need more information?

Download our ANZ Term Deposit brochure (PDF 1.1MB)


There are no fees to open a term deposit, and no monthly account maintenance or management fees. For Foreign Currency Term Deposits, fees are charged on a per transaction basis. See our Fees and Charges page for more information.

Other options

Looking for an even better return?

ANZ PIE Fund - Term Option

If you have a 30% or 33% income tax rate, consider the ANZ PIE Fund. It works like a term deposit but could give you a higher after tax return.

A flexible investment option

ANZ Investment Funds

A great way to invest in a wide range of NZ and International assets, all expertly managed by our highly experienced and award-winning investment team. ANZ Investment Funds can also be used to complement other investments such as KiwiSaver and term deposits. 

COVID-19 latest updates

Find out more about ways to bank from home, financial support options and relevant updates to help get you through COVID-19. 


How to apply

New to ANZ 

It's easy to apply online for a term deposit

  1. Apply online - use our simple online form, it takes 5 minutes.
  2. We’ll contact you - we'll arrange a time with you to visit an ANZ branch to confirm your identity.
  3. Visit a branch - we'll confirm your identity and setup your ANZ Internet Banking, goMoney and anything else you need.

Existing customers 

Open your term deposit via ANZ Internet Banking

We will open your term deposit in the next few days.

Open via Internet Banking

Or open via our online form

Open online 

Other ways to apply

Call us on 0800 269 296

6am to 12 midnight (NZDT),
7 days a week.

International: +64 4 470 3142
(toll charges apply).

Or visit a branch

Find an ANZ branch

We'll help you figure things out

Help and support 

See all help and support articles

Works great with

Serious Saver account

Designed to help you save

Get rewarded for good savings habits with Premium interest and grow your savings faster.

Online account

A flexible saving option

A simple, flexible account that’s great if you need to dip into your savings from time to time. You can access your money online anytime and still earn the same rate of interest on every dollar in your account.

A copy of the General Terms and Conditions is available from any ANZ branch.

A copy of the Bank's General Disclosure Statement  under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 is available on this website or on request from any ANZ branch, free of charge.

Term Deposits with ANZ are not deposits or liabilities of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited does not stand behind or guarantee ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited.

Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) regulates all Authorised Deposit Taking Institutions (ADI) in Australia. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited is an ADI however ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited is not an ADI.

Cooling-off period:  You have a seven calendar day ‘cooling-off’ period after we open or reinvest your ANZ PIE Fund term investment. During this time you can cancel, or change the term or amount of your investment. If you cancel your ANZ PIE Fund term investment during your cooling-off period, we won’t pay you any return you may have earned during that period. If you change the term or amount of your investment during your cooling-off period, a different rate of return may apply.

Breaking a term investment: Your funds are invested for a fixed term and there are access restrictions during the term of your investment. You can request an early withdrawal from your investment, but we don’t have to agree to let you withdraw your money early. Early withdrawals may be permitted if you give us 31 days’ notice or if you’re suffering from hardship (businesses with total ANZ deposits of $2m or more will not qualify for early withdrawal on the grounds of hardship) as reasonably determined by us. If you make an early withdrawal, we’ll reduce the return payable on the money you withdraw. The rate of return reduction is 3% per annum (your return will not go below 0%) on the amount you withdraw.