Transcript - Making a claim


If you’re making a claim under your Life & Living policy, we understand you may be going through a challenging time. There is support available to help make the process as easy as possible for you.

Here are the four simple steps …

Step #1: You get in touch

As Cigna is the underwriter of your policy, they have a dedicated claims team that is here to help you.

Give Cigna a call and let them know what’s happened. You’ll talk to one of the team, who’ll guide you through the process, and explain what paperwork you’ll need to provide.

Step #2: You submit your claim

You’ll fill out a claim form, and provide the other necessary documents. Here are a couple of tips to ensure your claim gets assessed quickly…

Email is the quickest way to send your documents – but you can also post or fax them.

Double-check that you’ve fully completed your claim form – and you have all the required support documents – before you send it in.

Step #3: Your claim is assessed

Your claim is allocated to a Cigna Claims Consultant to review all your documentation. Sometimes they need more information to support your claim – so they might contact you, your doctor, or other relevant parties.

Step #4: You’re advised of the outcome

We understand that you want things to move quickly. So once Cigna have all the information needed to finalise your claim, they’ll aim to have a decision within 48 hours.

Your Cigna Claims Consultant will get in touch, let you know the outcome, and talk through the next steps.

In some instances, Cigna may not be able to accept your claim. This could happen if your claim doesn’t meet the policy terms and conditions, exclusions apply, or medical conditions weren’t disclosed during the application stage.

In this case Cigna will contact you to explain the situation and give you the opportunity to provide further information.

Whatever you’re going through, we’re here to help.

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