With the ANZ Investment Funds, you have flexible payment options.

You can make lump sum payments by any of the following methods.

ANZ Internet Banking

Log into ANZ Internet Banking to transfer funds from any of your ANZ transactional accounts directly to your ANZ Investment Funds account.

If you’re an ANZ customer and have not registered for ANZ Internet Banking, click ‘register’ on the Internet Banking panel at the top right of this page.

If you’re not an ANZ banking customer visit your nearest ANZ branch to get set up with ANZ Internet Banking. You will need to provide proof of identity. Please go to anz.co.nz/id for the full list of acceptable identity documents.

Internet banking or phone banking

Select ‘ANZ Investment Funds’ from the Bill Payee list (search or select from the drop-down menu in your internet banking), or make your payment to:

ANZ Investment Funds Application Account



If you are invested in more than one fund, we will use the same percentage amount per fund that you chose for your last payment. If you do not want us to allocate your payment in this way, please complete the Transaction Form (at the back of the ANZ Investment Funds product disclosure statement (PDF 864kB). We must receive this form before we receive your payment. Otherwise your payment will be allocated to your fund(s) in the same percentage as your last payment.


Make your cheque out to 'ANZ Investment Funds Application Account' and send it to us together with the completed Transaction Form (at the back of the ANZ Investment Funds product disclosure statement (PDF 864kB)).


  • remember to include your surname, date of birth and investor number as the references when you make a payment. If you do not have an investor number, please include your IRD number.
  • If you don't provide us with the correct details, we can't credit your investment account with the amount you pay.
  • It usually takes up to three business days for a lump sum payment to reach your investment account.
  • By making additional investments you agree to be bound by the funds' terms and conditions current at the time of making the investment, as set out in the application form, guide and product disclosure statement, offer register and governing document applicable at that time.

For any mail you send us, our address is:

ANZ Investments 
Freepost 324 
PO Box 7149 
Wellesley Street 
Auckland 1141.

You can make regular fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly investments by setting up a direct debit. To set up a direct debit, you can either:

You can increase, reduce, or suspend your regular direct debit payments at any time by sending us a new Direct Debit Form, or by calling us.

You can request to withdraw money from your investment as a one-off or regular withdrawal to supplement your income or support your lifestyle. We usually process your requests and make payment to your bank account within five business days of receiving your request. If your balance is $0 we will close your account.

Unless you’re making a full withdrawal, the minimum amount you can withdraw is:

  • $500 if you're making a lump sum withdrawal, or
  • $100 per fund if you're making a regular withdrawal.

If you would like to make a withdrawal, please complete Form 7 - Withdrawal Form (PDF 264kB) and return it to us as either:

  • post the documents to: 

    ANZ Investments
    Freepost 324
    PO Box 7149
    Wellesley Street
    Auckland 1141
  • take them into any ANZ branch, or
  • email to registry@anzinvestments.co.nz

Please note if you believe you have not given us proof of your identity and address, as part of your withdrawal request, you must provide certified copies of these documents. For further details please refer to Form 7 - Withdrawal Form (PDF 264kB).


If you bank with ANZ, it may take up to four days for your updated balance to appear in ANZ Internet Banking.

ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited is the issuer and manager of the ANZ Investment Funds. Important information is available under terms & conditions. Download the ANZ Investment Funds guide and product disclosure statement

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