2021 Market Outlook

20 January 2021

The multi-year bull market came to an abrupt halt in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic brought global growth to a standstill sending share markets lower. However, as central banks swiftly cut interest rates and ramped up quantitative easing programmes, and with accelerated progress on a vaccine, a majority of first-quarter losses were erased in just a few months.  

As the calendar turns, our ANZ Investments team looks at some key themes heading into 2021.

1. A healthy bounce in global growth

As we look ahead to 2021, we are optimistic on the outlook for global growth and expect a healthy return as the global economy claws its way back towards pre-COVID levels. 

The vaccine rollout will be the focal point of the recovery, but the increasing likelihood of fiscal stimulus will further strengthen the case for a strong recovery.

2. Long-dated bond yields in the US look to have bottomed

After tumbling to record-lows in March, long-dated bond yields in the US stabilised and began to move higher. 

The combination of more fiscal stimulus and growing inflation expectations should see these long-dated yields continue to trend higher.

3. What New Zealand looks like in a post-COVID environment

After stemming off a substantial spread of COVID-19, the New Zealand economy (domestically at least) was able to reopen after a relatively short lockdown. 

However, as the global economy catches up, New Zealand will face some challenges around when and how to re-open its borders.  

Another challenge for New Zealand will be central bank policy. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has hinted that negative rates could be on the cards. While a sluggish recovery may see further accommodative policy, the prospect of negative rates has drawn criticism for its role in rising asset prices – most notably the domestic property market. 

We see sunshine on the horizon

Despite positive returns for a number of global equity markets in 2020, the pandemic and ensuing consequences made it a tough year for most. 

However, the work we are seeing in the vaccine field has us optimistic on the outlook for 2021. Still, it would be a mistake to think we won’t see periods of heightened volatility. 

With that said, economic cycles can provide opportunities and with ANZ’s active management approach and long-term focus, we are confident in our investment thesis through these periods of uncertainty. 

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