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Consolidate your debts

Tidy up your debts into one easy to manage personal loan.

Pay no application fee, for a limited time.disclaimer

The important numbers

Standard interest rate

Applies to all ANZ Personal Loans.

$3,000 - $40,000

Loan amount

Minimum loan amount for eligible Jumpstart customers: $1,000.

6 months to 7 years

Loan term

Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments to suit your budget.

Pay no application fee, for a limited timedisclaimer

Calculate how much you can save by combining your debt

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation allows you to combine debts like store cards, car loans, credit cards, hire purchases and other personal loans into one loan with one regular repayment. It allows flexible repayment options to suit you with no additional charges or fees.

It’s a great option if you’re struggling to juggle changing rates and different payment dates, which can be stressful! An ANZ Personal Loan could help to ease the stress by combining all your debts into one place and with a fixed interest rate and structured repayments.

One loan, one regular repayment. Simple!

Get help paying off your debts

Combine your debts like credit cards, hire purchases, store cards and more, into one easy to manage loan.

Flexible repayment options

Change your repayment amount, or pay it off early, with no additional charges or fees.disclaimer

Rates and fees

Personal loans rates and fees
Interest rate


Application fee

No application fee for a limited timedisclaimer

Standard fee:  $115

$0 for full-time tertiary students with a Jumpstart accountdisclaimer

For new and top-up applications

Change repayment amount


Make lump sum payment


Minimum extra or early repayment amount applies in Internet Banking

Pay off loan


If you do not pay amounts when they are due, we can charge you on those amounts at the default interest rate

Your interest rate + 5% p.a.  

View all personal loan rates, fees and agreements


Get an ANZ Personal Loan in 3 easy steps


Please make sure you have your details listed above on hand.

We’ll be in touch

We will contact you within two to three days of receiving your application.

Receive your money

Once approved, we could have the money in your account the next business day.*

*Funds must be deposited into an existing ANZ everyday account (such as ANZ Freedom or ANZ Go account).

How to apply

Start online

If you're new to ANZ, you'll need to visit a branch with your ID and proof of address to open your account.

Start your application

Call us

0800 837 123

Weekdays, 8am - 8.30pm

Weekends, 9am - 5pm


International: +64 4 470 3142


Visit a branch

Call 0800 269 296 to make an appointment
Weekdays, 8am - 6pm

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Need help?

Frequently asked questions

Help and support 

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A-Z review

Make an appointment with an ANZ Personal Banker for a free review of your banking to help you achieve your goals. 

ANZ lending criteria, terms, conditions, and fees apply. Interest rates and fees are subject to change.  

The ANZ Personal Loan interest rate is currently  (but can change) and you can pay these loans off between six months and seven years. For example if you borrowed $5,000 for two years at 12.90% p.a., the total interest payable would be about $699. Plus a one-off application fee of $115 applies (there is no application fee for full-time tertiary students on a Jumpstart account).

Application Fee Waiver offer: Application fee waiver available from February 2020 has been extended further. Offer available for new ANZ Personal Loans and top-ups.


Minimum extra or early repayment amount applies in ANZ Internet Banking.


Tertiary students on the Jumpstart account applying for credit, must be enrolled at and provide proof of full-time study at a government recognised tertiary institution or a NZQA approved language school, and have a minimum of six months remaining on your course.