Spring 2022 Edition

Spring has officially “sprung,” yet many are still feeling the wintry blast of a market in flux. Last edition, I talked about why it’s important to look beyond the current headlines and take a long-term view. It’s certainly a challenging time for investors. In this edition, we take a look at what that means, and what investors can do to weather the storm. You can also read our views on what’s happening in markets and what you can expect to see over the next few weeks. 

Speaking of weathering storms – we take a look at how the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation is helping the Spirit of Adventure Trust to broaden young people’s horizons. With many of our rangatahi (young people) feeling disconnected and disillusioned in a post-COVID world, opportunities such as the Trust’s youth development voyages provide a welcome anchor to community and kinship. The charity has been running voyages around New Zealand’s coast for almost 50 years, and in that time has taken more than 88,000 young New Zealanders to sea.  

Since its inception in 2000, the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation has distributed over $8.5 million in community grants to organisations like the Spirit of Adventure Trust. 

This November will mark our sixteenth year as Lead Partner of the Aotearoa Art Fair. To mark the occasion, we hear from co-director Stephanie Post on what to expect this year – and why art fairs aren’t just for seasoned collectors. We know that many of our clients have a passion for art, so I encourage you to get along if you can. 

And finally, I’m pleased to share the results of our Private Banking client survey. On key performance metrics including accessibility, knowledge, and getting the small things right, you scored us an average of 9.1 out of 10. You’re also likely to recommend us to a friend, family member, or colleague, scoring us 9 out of 10.  A sincere thank you to all who participated – your feedback helps us identify areas where we can improve so that we ensure we deliver outstanding service. 

As always, we appreciate you choosing ANZ Private, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside you to help you achieve your ambitions. We hope you enjoy the read.

Glenn Stevenson
General Manager, ANZ Private

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