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ANZ Olympic Pathway

At ANZ we're committed to helping New Zealand athletes to achieve.

What is the ANZ Olympic Pathway?

At ANZ we are always looking for ways to ensure we are not only supporting our elite New Zealand athletes who are representing us on the world stage, but also the grass roots within those sports.

We know how hard it can be to achieve your aspirations; no one achieves on their own and we all need support. That’s why ANZ has created the ANZ Olympic Pathway.

The ANZ Olympic Pathway is a tailored 2 year programme of support that has been designed to support the next generation of athletes, not only financially but practically from a growth perspective too.

In addition to an annual financial contribution of $10,000 per year, each athlete will take part in a series of training courses designed to help young athletes develop some of the skills they may need to achieve their aspirations.

These courses will cover;

  • Financial education
  • Commercial Reality - understand what is required from a commercial relationship
  • Psychology of performance - skills to develop a high performance mindset
  • Leadership of self - covering self-awareness, resilience and motivation
  • Media training.

Who is eligible?

Athletes between the ages of 16-24 who are working towards New Zealand Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games team selection. 

As this programme is designed to support athletes who need that little bit of extra support, we want to hear from you as to why you want to be part of the programme and what the additional support will help you to achieve.

Each cycle, there will be up to 10 places awarded.

Applications will be reviewed and a panel including representatives from the New Zealand Olympic Committee and ANZ will interview a shortlist of candidates, in order to find the right athletes for the programme and the ones for which ANZ could make the biggest difference. 

How to apply?

Download the form and send it to by Friday 7th June 2019. By submitting an application form you are agreeing to the ANZ Olympic Pathway Terms and Conditions.

Application form (PDF 113kB)

We're here to help, so if you have any general questions feel free to email us at