Digital Daffodil

We’re matching every donation made through our Daffodil Day QR code.

Daffodil-shaped QR code

Donating to the Cancer Society just got easier

Hold your Smart phone over the QR code you will be taken to a donation platform where you can donate to support the Cancer Society.

The Digital Daffodil QR code is a link to a donation platform; when you hold your Smart phone over the QR code or by accessing the link, you will be taken to the Thyngs platform where you can make a donation to the Cancer Society in support of Daffodil Day. 

The Cancer Society have created the donation platform with Raisely, a company that provides a mobile contactless payment solution that can be used to create an interactive experience for charity donations via QR codes.

It is not operated by or associated to ANZ.

All money raised through the ANZ Digital Daffodil will go directly to the Cancer Society.

No.  While Raisely do charge a commission per transaction, ANZ will be paying all the commissions and fees involved in the donations made via the ANZ Digital Daffodil to ensure the full amount you donate goes to the Cancer Society.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you are holding your phone steady over the QR code (about 3 cm away)
  • If you have an Apple phone make sure you have the option to ‘Scan QR codes’ on (this is under Settings on the Camera option)
  • For Android users, you may need a QR code reader. You can download one from the Play Store. There are a small number of QR code readers for Android phones that don't work with the Digital Daffodil. If your QR code reader doesn't work, you might need to try downloading another one.

ANZ will only use the information you provide using the Digital Daffodil for administering your donation to the Cancer Society.

The Cancer Society will only use your personal details to send you an official tax receipt for your donation. 

Raisely also collects the information you provide.  The Raisely privacy policy is available at:

Everyone who donates will automatically receive a tax receipt via email. You can claim tax back on any donation over $5. If you lose your receipt, simply email and you will be sent a duplicate.

Email and we will put you in contact with Cancer Society.

Important information

ANZ will match all donations to the Cancer Society via the Digital Daffodil QR code up to the value of $500,000. The QR code links to the Cancer Society donation platform. For terms and conditions, please visit