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We support a lot of sports.

But most of all, good sports.

Supporters of good sports

In some parts of the world, sport is about winning at all costs. In New Zealand, we have slightly different values. Success for us isn’t only measured on the scoreboard. It’s also the laughs we share. The skills we learn. The friends gained. And respect earned. 

Sport is about more than just winning. It teaches us humility, teamwork, team spirit, compassion.

It teaches us how to be better Kiwis. For everything we learn from it, we’re proud of our continued support of sports Kiwis love to play.

Our commitment to sport

ANZ has a range of initiatives that recognise, reward and celebrate good sports. From grants that help Kiwis participate in sport at grassroots level, through to awards that recognise those who excel at sport and display the values it teaches us. At the elite level, we continue our commitment to helping Kiwis achieve on the world stage. By celebrating our heroes, we can inspire the next generation of good sports.

The ANZ Good Sports Program

Stories of everyday Kiwis being good sports, on and off the field can be just as inspiring. Each story has something to teach us, or it reminds us of what it means to be Kiwi. We’ll be sharing our favourite good sports stories with you over the coming months and telling you more about the ANZ Good Sports Program.

Proud supporters of sports

At ANZ we’re proud to support organisations and teams that live good sports values: