Rural Current Account

Rural Current Account

A day-to-day account specifically designed for agribusiness, with easy access to revolving credit to manage seasonal cash flow. Any surplus funds can be used to offset overdraft balances and reduce overall borrowing costs while positive balances receive interest. And there’s just one set monthly fee for as many transactions as you like. And there's just one set monthly account fee for as many transactions as you like (a monthly overdraft management fee may also apply).

Please see the full list of rates, fees and charges.

Who it may suit

  • Rural businesses looking for a current account to manage day-to-day transactions online, over the phone or through a bank branch.
  • Rural businesses who want flexible access to lending to help manage seasonal cash flow fluctuations.

Benefits of an ANZ Rural Current Account


Having your transaction and overdraft through the same account means it’s easy to see your account balance and manage your funds effectively, without having to transfer funds between accounts.


There are no minimum or fixed repayments so you can better manage your finances in a market where payment timing or amounts are uncertain or seasonal. And by linking your current account and overdraft, any cash in your account reduces the daily interest charged, saving on interest costs.


The Rural Current Account allows for seasonal overdraft limits that move in line with your cash flow needs throughout the year.


You can access your Rural Current Account the way that suits you - online, over the phone, via EFTPOS, ATMs, in person at your local branch or via your Rural Manager.

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