UDC Equipment Lending Facilities

UDC Equipment Lending Facilities

UDC’s equipment lending facilities allow you to unlock the equity in your rural business’ plant and equipment.

Who may consider a UDC Lending Facility?

Rural businesses who want to unlock the equity they have invested in plant and equipment.

Why choose a UDC Equipment Lending Facility?

UDC equipment lending facilities let you borrow against your existing mobile plant and equipment, allowing you to release equity to invest in other parts of your business.

How it works
UDC equipment lending facilities offer a pre-approved credit limit, allowing your agribusiness the flexibility to draw down against that limit to meet cash-flow requirements or buy new plant or equipment. If the facility balance is paid down, you can redraw back up to your limit subject to sufficient security being in place.

Lending can be structured as one or more term loans, or be drawn down against a current account.

Term Loans
Term loans offer the certainty of a fixed interest rate, and the option of regular fixed loan repayments to assist cash flow planning. Repayments can be tailored to suit your plans to upgrade or replace your equipment, with balloon payment options available. Repayments can also be structured to reflect the seasonality of your rural business.

Current Accounts
Current accounts offer the flexibility of floating interest rates, enabling you to make one off payments to reduce debt faster, as well as interest only payment options.

Flexibility to evolve with your rural business
When it’s time to trade in your equipment, you can easily replace on secured asset with another. You can also request for the security over particular assets to be released (subject to sufficient secured assets remaining) to allow you to sell surplus equipment.

Manage your lending facilities online
Our specialist internet platform ‘UDC Live’ is designed for managing your plant and equipment, as well as your lending facilities online. You can view details of your secured assets, request UDC to take security over new assets, and request for the release of security over existing assets. You can also view your balances, transaction history and request drawdowns.

UDC lending terms and conditions apply. UDC Finance Limited

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