Red meat

ANZ is a major supporter of the red meat sector and is actively involved in supporting the industry to increase profit and ensure the sustainability of the industry through a number of key initiatives.

Our support for the red meat sector

ANZ Red Meat Key Insights 

Across the entire spectrum of privately-owned businesses this year we have seen a shift towards growth and more of a focus on investment. The question is: can New Zealand's meat industry generate the profitable results it needs to get its share of capital investment? Developed from the ANZ Privately-Owned Business Barometer, the ANZ Red Meat Insights paper shares the hidden success stories from within the red meat sector. 

Key findings of the ANZ Red Meat Sector Key Insights Report: 

65% of red meat farmers plan to increase production in the next 3-5 years. Of those: 

  • 84% plan to invest in pasture
  • 69% plan to invest in animal genetics 
  • 53% see benefit in getting expert help in improving farm productivity 
  • 63% say succession is about passing the farm to family or whanau 
  • 34% say the purchaser's ability to finance is the key barrier to succession 

Read the Red meat industry report

We offer specialised research and insights on the key issues affecting the farming sector as a whole. Read more of ANZ's research and economics publications here. 

ANZ Pasture Productivity Loan 

The ANZ Pasture Productivity Loan is a low-interest loan designed to help sheep and beef farmers improve farm productivity and profitability by increasing pasture and forage growth. 

Find out more about the ANZ Pasture Productivity Loan

ANZ Lending and eligibility criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply. 

ANZ Business of Farming – Red Meat workshops

The ANZ Business of Farming – Red Meat workshops brings together farmers, advisers and industry leaders to improve the business and financial management of red meat farmers, as well as the financial reporting and advice of their professional advisers.

These workshops will be held regularly throughout the year, and will focus on opportunities for investment to increase profit. 

For more information, or to register for a workshop in your region, please contact your ANZ Rural Manager or complete our enquiry form.

The Red Meat Profit Partnership 

The Red Meat Profit Partnership is a red meat industry and government (via MPI's Primary Growth Partnership) collaboration designed to boost the red meat sector through sustainable improvements to production and profitability. 

ANZ joins other industry partners to help support farmers in the industry achieve success by better management of their farms, access to better information, attracting better farming talent and responding more effectively to market needs. 

ANZ is the largest private sector contributor to the Red Meat Profit Partnership, and contributes through providing access to research and helping to develop effective business management. As part of this, ANZ has recently developed a Business Plan Template & Guide to help Red Meat Farmers. Writing a business plan helps you organise your thoughts and map out the road to where you want to take your business and aligns owners, investors and staff. An effective business plan lays the blueprint for future business success and research shows that businesses with a business plan perform better than those without.

ANZ assists Red meat Farmers to develop their own business plan at its Business Plan Workshops. If you would like to learn more about ANZ's involvement in the Red Meat Profit Partnership and how we can support you in your business, contact your ANZ Rural Manager.

For more information on how ANZ can help you achieve your business aspirations in the red meat sector,

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