Accessible banking

Our aim is to make our banking products and services more accessible and inclusive. We’re working hard to make our banking products and services usable and available for all New Zealanders, regardless of ability. That's what accessible banking means to us.

Our commitment to accessibility

Our commitment to strengthening the financial wellbeing of all New Zealanders is reflected in our ongoing work to build a more accessible and inclusive bank for our customers, employees and community.

Our focus is on improving the experience for our customers and staff living with disability, and to foster an inclusive workplace culture which embraces diversity and all abilities. Our passionate and proactive community of accessibility champions work, alongside the New Zealand Bankers Association (NZBA), to do our very best to strive for greater economic and social participation for people with disability.

We’re working hard to make our products and services user friendly and accessible, here are some examples of what we're doing.

There is more to be done, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and services.

Branch design

Our ANZ branches are designed with a focus on ease of movement and accessibility.

  • Entry to branches is made easier with handrails, ramps and automated doors.
  • Teller counters are accessible, or where possible a special accessible counter is available.
  • A range of seating options, and quiet spaces are available for those who need them.
  • Customers are welcome to bring support people with them. Our staff are ready to help, please talk to us if there’s anything we can do.

Online banking

We design our online banking services with everyone in mind. This includes our websites and digital banking apps such as ANZ Internet Banking, goMoney mobile app and

  • We strive to meet the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA to ensure we make banking easier when using our websites and mobile apps.
  • Our website and Internet Banking are compatible with screen readers (such as JAWS, NVDA for desktop) for customers who are visually impaired.
  • The ANZ goMoney app supports the use of finger print and facial recognition to login (we’re working to make facial recognition work on Android smartphones).
  • The ANZ goMoney mobile app on Android smartphones supports your phone settings so that text size can be adjusted to a preferred reading size.
  • Use a smartphone or wearable device to make contactless payments with eligible ANZ Visa Debit and Credit cards, and leverage the accessibility features of the device.


Our ATMs are designed to make it easier to withdraw cash and use other services.

  • Audio-enabled when headphones are plugged into the ATM for customers who are visually impaired.
  • Raised No.5 indent on the keypad to assist with orientation. 
  • The option to ‘tap’ your card rather than ‘insert’ a card in to the ATM to assist customers who may have coordination challenges.
  • Multiple languages are available including Te reo Māori, simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English.
  • Most of our ATMs are wheelchair-accessible.
  • Our online ATM Locator describes the services available on each ATM.

Accessible features on cards

Our ANZ Credit, Visa Debit and EFTPOS cards have accessibility features to help visually impaired customers (not included on ANZ Visa Debit MyPhoto cards).

  • Larger font, and the word 'EFTPOS', 'Debit' or 'Credit' on the back of the card in large font for easy identification.
  • High-visibility leading edge to help identify the correct way to insert the card at ATMs and terminals.
  • Cut-out notch to help determine the direction to insert the card at ATMs and terminals.
  • Raised tactile indicators (dots) on the front of the card to help orientate and identify the card. There are two dots on Debit cards, one dot on Credit cards, and no dots on EFTPOS cards.

Language services

  • Our staff speak multiple languages, which is displayed on their name badges.
  • We’re happy to book a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter for you.
  • We support customers with hearing or speech impairments using NZ Relay.