Moving to New Zealand

We can help with opening a bank account, either before you arrive or once you get here.

Need to know


  • You need a valid visa. We normally require a valid visa with at least six months duration available for each visit. 
  • You need to be at least 13 years old.
  • You will need to activate your account in New Zealand via visiting a branch.

Deposit only

You can deposit money once you receive your account confirmation email from us. 

You won’t be able to make any withdrawals or apply for other banking products until your account is fully activated.

Activating your account

To activate your account, you’ll need to complete identification checks by visiting an ANZ branch in New Zealand.

You’ll then be able to access your account in the ANZ goMoney mobile app, ANZ Internet Banking or by using an ANZ Visa Debit or EFTPOS card (you must be aged 13 years or over to apply for an ANZ Visa Debit card).

Complete your own application

You must be the intended account holder to complete the application. 

If a third party, like an immigration agency, is completing the application for the intended account holder, let us know immediately. If you don’t do this, we won’t be able to progress the application. 

Email, and include your application reference number.

How to join ANZ

You can make an application either:

  • Up to 90 days before arriving, or
  • Once you arrive in New Zealand.

Our most popular account options

For people who like to do their banking electronically

ANZ Go account

  • No monthly account or automated transaction fees when you bank electronically
  • $3 per manual (staff-assisted) transaction fee
  • Free ANZ Visa Debit card (you must be aged 13 years or over to apply for an ANZ Visa Debit card)
  • Joint account options available
  • Overdrafts available (you must be aged 18+ and lending criteria applies)

For full-time students and people under 21

ANZ Jumpstart account

  • Eligibility criteria applies (like proof of enrolment in full-time tertiary study with a remaining duration of at least six months)
  • No monthly account or transaction fees
  • Unlimited free automated and manual transactions,
  • Free ANZ Visa Debit card (you must be aged 13 years or over to apply for an ANZ Visa Debit card)
  • Overdraft available, up to $2,000 interest free (must be 18+ and lending criteria applies),
  • Individual account only (no joint accounts)

Contact the migrant banking team

International toll charges apply

Once your account is activated, you might be interested in

Important information

This material is for information only. Please talk to us if you need financial advice about a product or service. See our financial advice provider disclosure at

Our eligibility and lending criteria, terms, and fees apply. Fees can change. Phone and internet providers may charge fees when using their services to access ANZ goMoney, Internet Banking, and Phone Banking.

For details, see Terms and ConditionsFees and Charges (PDF 166KB)ANZ EFTPOS card, ANZ Visa card and ANZ Business Visa Debit card Conditions of Use (PDF 157KB), and ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB).