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See how we could help you on your journey to financial wellbeing.

Home Loans

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, your next home or pay off your loan faster, we can help with practical tools, guides and great rates.

1 year fixed-rate special*

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All fixed term home loan rates

18 months fixed-rate special*

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All fixed term home loan rates

Floating rate

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Floating rate home loans

*Special interest rate requires minimum 20% equity and an ANZ transaction account with salary direct credited, otherwise standard rate applies. Not available with package discounts.

ANZ lending criteria, terms, conditions, and fees apply. Interest rates and fees are subject to change.  

Scams are on the increase

Scams keep getting more complex, sophisticated, and harder to spot. Learn how to recognise scams and fraud, and help protect yourself, your family and your money from them in our new Scams and Fraud Guide

How we can help with financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing starts with knowing your score

Realising your longer term financial goals requires understanding where you’re at right now. Ready to see how you're doing?

Get your savings off the ground

Set yourself a plan because sure and steady wins the savings race. Find out how to create your savings goals.

Pay off your home loan faster

It's all about small changes, like how you structure your loan, or how you repay it, it all adds up. See how ANZ and our Home Loan Coaches can help.

Personalise your ANZ Visa Debit card

Choose from your favourite selfie, a photo of your pet or choose from one of our gallery images to create a personalised ANZ MyPhoto Visa Debit card. It's easy and fun to create.

You must be 13 years or over to apply for an ANZ Visa Debit card.

How we make banking easier

We have lots of ways for you to manage your money anytime, anywhere, with the ANZ goMoney mobile app, Internet Banking and Automated Phone Banking.

Whether that's checking your balance, moving money between accounts or making payments, you can do your banking where and when it's convenient for you.

Important information

This material is for information purposes only. We recommend seeking financial advice about your situation and goals before getting a financial product. To talk to one of our team at ANZ, please call 0800 269 296, or for more information about ANZ’s financial advice service or to view our financial advice provider disclosure statement see anz.co.nz/fapdisclosure