Your next step to better financial wellbeing

Feel like you could be doing that little bit better with your money? Then you’re in the right place. No matter what you earn or who you bank with, the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Programme could show you how.

chatting in a cafe

Get comfy talking F…….

Finances. It can evoke sweaty palms for a lot of us. But finances needn’t be a bad, or scary word. Having honest and regular conversations about money is the secret to improving your financial wellbeing. 

How to feel better about your financial wellbeing in six steps

Our useful tools and ideas could help you change your money habits for the better and improve your financial wellbeing, in your own time and at your own pace, no matter who you bank with.

There’s no wrong or right way to move through the steps of the Programme. Feel free to jump around as you please.

Money hacks

Financial wellbeing isn’t one-size-fits-all. We all have different aspirations when it comes to money and your journey could be entirely different to the next person.

For inspiration, we’ve compiled articles and guides that cover a variety of topics, from saving and still having a life, to effectively combining incomes, for you to pick from.


What is financial wellbeing anyway?

In a nutshell, financial wellbeing is a measure of how comfortably you’re able to meet your current commitments and whether you can continue to do this into the future. 

It also recognises that our ability to understand how money works and how to manage it, can impact our behaviour, attitude to money, our sense of security and how we cope with change.

Important information

This material is for information purposes only. We recommend seeking financial advice about your situation and goals before getting a financial product. To talk to one of our team at ANZ, please call 0800 269 296, or for more information about ANZ’s financial advice service or to view our financial advice provider disclosure statement see