Starting a business guide

Our guide can help you turn that niggling desire to start or buy your own business into a gratifying reality. It includes tips, information and templates to help you plan a successful business.

ANZ HOWTWO Small Business Support Programme

A programme designed to help your business make it through the crucial first two years and beyond. When you join the programme, you’ll enjoy no monthly account fees on ANZ Business Current accounts for two years, in-depth insights, a check in with an ANZ Business banking specialist, and more.

Introduction to getting started in business

Get your new business off to a great start by setting it up properly. Our video summarises the whole process, including validating your idea, business planning, figuring out costs, and choosing a business name and structure.


Starting a business

There is a lot to think about when starting a business, this video runs you through some of the things you can start checking off to get yourself open for business.

Start-up checklist

Empower your start-up journey by downloading our checklist, which will help you tackle some of the things you need to do to successfully launch your new business.

You and your idea

Much of what makes a new business successful is the personality and qualities of the owner. Reflect on your skills, experience, and character. Any investors will want to know about you as well as testing your idea and your numbers.

A lot of people tell me it’s a lifestyle choice but it’s not, it’s a way of life. You have to live it, breathe it, and be passionate about it – Shawn Pope, Melba Cafe

Start from scratch, buy or franchise?

Talk to someone who’s started their own business or bought a business or franchise. It's a good way to understand the pros and cons, which helps give your business idea the best shot at success.

I'd been wanting to set up a moving business. I asked the owners if it was for sale. They were due to put an ad in the local paper in two days – Joanne Paul, Waiheke Movers

Know your market and customers

Will people or businesses buy what you want to sell? That’s what will turn your idea into a successful business. Validate customer demand before you borrow money, quit your job, or buy a business.

You need skills that cover every single aspect of the business, especially when you’re online because of all the marketing – Kathryn Fleming, The Flower Project

Funding your business

As well as testing your market, think about how much it’ll cost to get your business up and running – and keep it running day-to-day. Plan how you’ll fund the start-up phase and understand what can make your cash flow go up and down.

We worried about cash flow and being able to afford the right people and assets. Luckily, we weren’t afraid to ask for advice from our ANZ Business Banker and our accountant – Alistair Parker, Molly Woppy

Lay strong foundations

It may be tempting to just get going, but good systems will make your working life easier – and help your cash flow. Examples include invoicing, preparing for tax time, managing risks and setting up easy-to-follow processes for common tasks.

We're always looking at how can we be more efficient, use AI, and rely more on machines to help us increase output – Brent Godfrey, Forty Thieves

Launch and grow your business

The most exciting part of starting a business can be launch day when you tell the world you’re open for business. It’s important to plan for this big push but remember to factor in what comes next as you build a customer base.

The biggest challenge is staffing. Ramping up for seasonality and ramping down for seasonality – Lloyd Rooney, Two Boys Network

Professional support

Starting a business can be exciting, challenging and sometimes overwhelming. It pays to build a strong support network. This can include mentors, other business owners, and expert advisors such as accountants and lawyers. Going it alone can make it harder.

Contact an ANZ Business Specialist

Our specialists understand your kind of business and the challenges you face as a business owner. We can help you figure out how to make your business grow and succeed.

How we can help

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How to accept payments

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Māori business support

Get specialist banking expertise from people who understand and work with Māori businesses of different sizes, industries and stages of development.

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